Dictator Dodik takes measures to rig election victory

Incl. falsified voter registration forms with the names of dead people

Dictator Dodik takes measures to rig election victory

As the planned Pravda Za Davida rally on the 5th of October was banned, eyewitness reports revealed that heavily armed regime troops have taken tactical positions in Banja Luka, which would allow them suddenly to open live fire on the unarmed and peacefully protesting Pravda Za Davida crowd in case the Pravda Za Davida movement ignores the ban on assembly on October 5. Milorad Dodik´s security forces in Republika Srpska plan to use excessive and lethal force against largely peaceful Pravda Za Davida movement.

At the age of 21, David Dragičević was kidnapped and spent 6 days in a torture cell, before the brutal regime killed him. Since then, the Dodik regime has refused to undertake meaningful and credible investigations into the case of David Dragičević, despite various requests. The cruelty of Dodik’s regime is evident in its brutality towards David Dragičević, his family, the Pravda Za Davida movement, and Vladimir Kovačević, a journalist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who was attacked outside his apartment.

Secret police raided the homes of Pravda Za Davida members. The secret police searched files and confiscated all smart phones and computers. Zoka G. from Pravda Za Davida said: “We are becoming the target of state repression. Obviously the panicking Dodik regime does not want the Pravda Za Davida gathering at the Krajina Square in central Banja Luka.” 

Republika Srpska´s opposition parties have become increasing fearful that the dictator Milorad Dodik is planning to rig the elections on October 7 to ensure victory. With recent polls showing dictator Dodik trailing his democratic challengers by 15 percentage points, the corrupt Dodik regime may resort to using as many as hundreds of thousands “ghost votes” to maintain its criminal rule in Republika Srpska.

NEW YORK / WASHINGTON / MOSCOW / BELGRADE / BANJA LUKA (RichTVX.com) – Republika Srpska is seen as the last Stalinist regimes in Europe, and thousands of young people are leaving Republika Srpska every year to go to Germany and other EU countries, because life is hell for them in Republika Srpska under the brutal and bloodthirsty dictatorship of Milorad Dodik. The brutal and oppressive Dodik dictatorship treats their citizens as slaves and their countries’ treasuries and resources as their private estates.

The situation in Republika Srpska is in upheaval, and the Dodik regime’s security officials are feeling the heat, fearing they may one day be called to account for their role in the case of David Dragičević and the cover up. Several high-profile incidents suggested that those involved in the campaign against Pravda Za Davida might one day be held accountable, therefore members of the corrupt Dodik regime are looking nervously for ways out. Further murders in Banja Luka are not ruled out in the coming weeks, as the situation is getting worse.

The Dodik regime plans to declare a “state of emergency” and to suspend the constitution and instituting martial law. Members of the Republika Srpska Police cannot leave the country, nor take vacation until October 7, and they can receive sick leave, only in exceptional cases and with extensive medical records. Dictator Milorad Dodik’s regime in Republika Srpska is placing restrictions on opposition, heightening concern that dictator Dodik plans to rig the coming elections in Republika Srpska, and cause a massacre if there is resistance from the population. Bosnia is divided into a Republika Srpska and an entity for its Muslim Bosniak and Croat populations, which are connected via a weak central government.

Zoka G. from Pravda Za Davida said: “The Dodik regime stole votes many times before and now they need to scam more than ever.” He anticipates various methods of electoral fraud, including hundreds of thousands fabricated “ghost votes” from Pale and East Sarajevo, forged ballot forms, multiple voting and intimidation of state employees, also the corrupt Dodik regime plans to submit falsified voter registration forms, hundreds of thousands of them will contain the names of dead people. The president of Bosnia’s autonomous Serb Republic Milorad Dodik, who favors closer ties with Russia, has become a political liability for President Putin, but also for his handler in Belgrade, the seriously ill President Aleksandar Vučić.

United State of America is a beacon of hope to the bold and the desperate people of Republika Srpska. They share the dream of a better life, and the USA is in this way not just a country, but an ideal, and remains the last hope of the people in Republika Srpska. The U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina will closely monitor the events and intervene in case of abuse of office, something that the corrupt Dodik regime will not like. Under President Trump, the Dodik regime in Banja Luka should think twice, it does not seem to have realized yet that its old masters have lost the last election.

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