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Milorad Dodik – The Wannabe Tito

Pravda Za Davida - The revenge of David Dragičević 

Milorad Dodik – The Wannabe Tito

Life could have been so beautiful for the dictator Milorad Dodik and his criminal regime, as they had their own private state, billions on the accounts, privatized corrupt institutions, even a own helicopter, the land was on its knees, the citizens impoverished, therefore no resistance was expected from the population, Milorad Dodik and his criminal regime would have been able to rule easily for another 1000 years without any problems, but then two events happened, and oh dear, nothing is as it once was.

First, Milorad Dodik´s handlers in the United States, the Clintons lost power in 2016, with whose tanks the dictator Dodik came to power in 1998. The Clinton family still controls the Internet, and the tech giants, but all of that will soon be a thing of the past, latest when all the players find themselves in prison in the Unites States, President Trump will make sure about that.

Second, the cover-up in the case of David Dragičević (Pravda Za Davida). Since these two incidents, coupled with the dissatisfaction of the population in Republika Srpska, in addition to the crime rate etc, Dodik’s regime is very unsure about the future. The uncertainty goes so far that Dodik’s handlers in Moscow slowly believe that the criminal Dodik regime has no future, and just trying to save face by distancing themselves from dictator Dodik and his criminal regime. The last thing President Putin needs is to support someone like Milorad Dodik, because Moscow has enough of own problems.

Same situation with dictator Dodik´s handlers in Belgrade, around the seriously ill President Aleksandar Vučić, Belgrade is so insecure about the future of the Dodik regime, that they are putting pressure on the Serbian lawyer of the Pravda Za Davida defender team. The badly battered regime in Belgrade has plenty of own problems too,  not just in connection with the Kosovo situation, but also international money laundering investigations, including blocked bank accounts of the regime in Arab banks. A valley of tears after the coming election in Republika Srpska is awaiting Milorad Dodik and his criminal regime, and with lot of luck it will be just a jail cell.


NEW YORK / BANJA LUKA (RichTVX.com) – When the dictator Milorad Dodik was still a child, he had a role model, it was Josip Broz Tito. Dodik idolized Tito, that’s why he memorized as a child all the great songs about Tito. When he grows up, he said to himself, he will become a almighty ruler like Josip Broz Tito, who could decide on life and death, who was respected by the West.

The only thing the communist student Dodik has overlooked, is the fact that great power also demands responsibility. Under Tito, there was no crime, the people lived in dignity, people did not have much money but they did also not suffer hunger, and they were able to keep their pride in their homeland. What can the people in Republika Srpska expect today, especially under Dodik and his criminal regime? No, Milorad Dodik is not a second Tito, he has never been and never will be Tito, as great leaders like Tito would never have allowed his police to kill a young man like David Dragičević, then organize an absurd press conference, and then to use all corrupted institutions against David Dragičević, his family and the Pravda Za Davida movement.

The murder of the 21-year-old David Dragičević has changed everything. The situation is so dramatic that even the state media, which is under the control of Dodik and his spearheads, is not sure whether slandering David Dragičević, that he was a drug addict, that his father and Pravda Za Davida movement are on the paylist of George Soros, etc., all these lies of the state television, and the people responsible, it can bring them a place in the prison and they know that, since participation in murder is also punishable by law up to 45 years of prison.

The next few weeks are crucial to the survival of the criminal regime surrounding dictator Milorad Dodik. The coming election will show if human rights and freedom will prevail, or whether criminality, abuse of power, murder, nepotism and corruption in Republika Srpska will continue.

The real loser, however, is already certain today, it is the dictator Milorad Dodik himself. Not only the assassination of David Dragičević has revealed his weaknesses. Milorad Dodik has become unbearable for Moscow and also for Belgrade, he has shown his handlers and the whole world how weak he really is, and his masters will never forgive him for that. Since no matter what happens in life, you always have to be strong, this was the rule, only Milorad Dodik has broken this unwritten law with his weakness.

He has discredited President Putin. He showed his handlers in Belgrade that there is no reliance on him. The criminal structures around Dodik, especially the drug dealers, are starting to get very nervous. More murders on the streets of Banja Luka in coming weeks are not excluded. The arrival of the Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov is expected in the next days in Banja Luka, he will have very bad news for Milorad Dodik in the luggage.

The end of the Dodik era is near. The 7th of October is getting closer – the clock is ticking:
tik, tok, tik, tok, tik …

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