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Pravda Za Davida – Milorad Dodik’s days are numbered

If Dodik cared about the welfare of the people, he would step down now.

Pravda Za DavidaMilorad Dodik’s days are numbered

Milorad Dodik’s rule is showing signs of collapse, and the dictator and his criminal regime need to recognize that their rule in Republika Srpska has come to an end. Milorad Dodik needs to acknowledge the reality that he no longer controls Republika Srpska, and he needs to relinquish power once and for all. The United States under President Trump must protect the people of Republika Srpska from humanitarian crisis.

After a provocation last night at the Krajina Square in Banja Luka, where a retired policeman who openly insulted David´s father Davor Dragičević and threatened to kill him, the Pravda Za Davida movement confronted the regime´s police at the Banja Luka Police Station, asking for an answer to the question – Who killed David Dragičević?

The parties sitting in opposition in Republika Srpska must take control upon Milorad Dodik’s exit and do everything possible to avoid further casualties, preserve the remaining government institutions and commit to pursuing real democracy after decades of rule by the criminal Dodik regime. The opposition must take over the leadership that is necessary to steer Republika Srpska through a transition by respecting the rights of the people. The United States must insist that the basic rights of the people in Republika Srpska are respected, to protect the people and to support a peaceful transition to democracy in Republika Srpska.

The Pravda Za Davida movement has spent the whole night in front of the Banja Luka Police Station requesting only one answer: – Who killed David Dragičević? The situation was extremely tense. The gathered citizens cried out: – Justice for David!, Who killed David Dragičević? “Killer killers … David’s father Davor Dragičević stayed all night in front of the Banja Luka Police Station, while announcing not to leave until the murderers of his son (who are police officers) are brought to justice.

NEW YORK / WASHINGTON / MOSCOW / BELGRADE / BANJA LUKA ( – Milorad Dodik is Europe´s last dictator, as the brutal and oppressive Dodik regime is preparing heavily armed regime troops (as the regime does not have its own military, former 1990´s civil war fighters are deployed), to take tactical positions in Banja Luka, which would allow them suddenly to open live fire on the unarmed and peacefully protesting Pravda Za Davida crowd on October 5, as we have already reported.

The international community – particularly EU countries, neighbouring countries, in particular Serbia, must protect the people of Republika Srpska from the criminal Dodik regime, knowing there are concrete steps that can be taken to alleviate this suffering. Anyone fleeing Republika Srpska should be considered in need of international protection including members of the Pravda Za Davida movement. The vast majority of refugees from Republika Srpska, are likely to meet the criteria for political refugee status under international law. They should be able to access refugee protection and the benefits afforded by refugee status.

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