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Davor Dragičević: The Giant of the Pravda Za Davida Revolution

In the footsteps of a giant for justice

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Davor Dragičević: The Giant of the Pravda Za Davida Revolution

David Dragičević, 21, was declared missing on March 18, and his body was found six days later in the Crkvena river in Banja Luka. His family is convinced that David Dragičević was brutally murdered. The struggle of David’s father Davor Dragičević to find out the truth, has been going on since March, as his family, friends, acquaintances and citizens of Banja Luka have been gathering on the square of Krajina as the Pravda Za Davida movement, and they demand the truth to be revealed.

The authorities of the Republika Srpska are not telling the whole truth on the death of 21-year-old David Dragičević. But there are now thousands of protesters who every day, for over 160 days, have been asking for Justice for David (Pravda za Davida). David’s father, Davor Dragičević, is the most active figure of the protest. Davor Dragičević is “the first liberator of the 21st century,” the man who has became a symbol of Pravda Za Davida revolution in Banja Luka, the capital of Republic of Srpska, the Bosnian Serb state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

NEW YORK / BANJA LUKA ( – There are individuals who seem larger than life: Davor Dragičević is one of them. He is a civil activist and has became a symbol of the Pravda Za Davida movement, led by the principles of truth and justice. David Dragicevic’s death in March has triggered daily protests in Banja Luka for more than 160 days.

Truth and justice can be brought into this world, when a person is connected with the spirit, the essence of who he is. When Davor Dragičević speaks he resonates truth, he is an great example for the people in Republika Srpska, especially for the young generation. Davor Dragičević is “a giant for justice” whose “selfless struggle for Justice for David” inspires many people in the Republika Srpska and beyond.

Pravda za Davida (Justice for David) – the movement gathered together to find out the circumstances surrounding the murder of David Dragičević,  represents one of the most significant events in the history of Republika Srpska. Davor Dragičević is “the first liberator of the 21st century,” the man who has became a symbol of Pravda Za Davida revolution. Davor Dragičević makes us want to be a better person. Davor Dragičević speaks to what’s best inside of us.

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Davor Dragičević raises his fist, and shouts “Pravda Za Davida” across the central square of Banja Luka, and every time, it´s echoed by thousands of supporters. Republika Srpska – a nation at the crossroads, as the end of Republika Srpska’s Dodik era is coming closer. General elections will be held on 7 October 2018.


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