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May 21, 2022

In 1791, enslaved Haitians ousted the French and f ...

May 20, 2022

Outside of Kharkiv, Russian forces are entrenching ...

May 20, 2022

Arconic runs a huge Russian metal plant, bought in ...

May 21, 2022

The war has evolved into something of a stalemate ...

May 20, 2022

Investors are selling as they worry about inflatio ...

May 21, 2022

Previously, the agency said those 50 and older cou ...

May 21, 2022

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is fending o ...

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Tim Harper, Editor

Tim Harper, the editorial page editor of Rich TVX, is in charge of the Opinion department. He oversees the editorial board.

Mr. Harper became editorial page editor in June 2016. He is a senior assignment editor who oversees national and international coverage. His mandate is to dream up interesting approaches to the news of the day.

Lisa Hale, Corespondent

Lisa Hale joined Rich TVX in 2016. She is a television and digital correspondent for Rich TVX. She covers the companies and business leaders that influence everyday life and unravels the complexities of Wall Street and corporate America.

Lisa has also brought her brand of investigative reporting to the U.S. industrial food complex with a recently released documentary-style series.

Chris Highes, Executive VP of Programming

Chris Highes joined Rich TVX in the fall of 2016. He is Rich TVX’s Executive Vice President of programming. In this role, he oversees all New York- and Atlanta-based live programs, including mornings, dayside, prime time, and weekends. In addition, he manages network-wide booking, sponsored content and special projects.

Before joining the Rich TVX, he worked as a freelance journalist and parliamentary aide in London, writing for different publications and doing research work for members of Parliament.

Edith Strayhorn, Senior Staff Editor

Edith Strayhorn has been an editor at the Times editorial page since 2015, beating the arrival of the Internet by years. In addition to helping produce and edit Rich TVX’s daily editorial coverage, she also reports on IT developments at several civilian-facing federal agencies.

Before coming to Rich TVX, she was a reporter and copy editor at E&E Publishing, and an assistant producer and editorial assistant at NPR.

Brian Schick, Digital Correspondent & Editor-at-Large

Brian Schick has worked at Rich TVX since 2015. Before joining the editorial board in 2016, he was a correspondent based in Tokio. He focusing on family, career and work/life balance. An award-winning digital journalist and television correspondent, Brian writes in-depth articles and socially sourced stories.

Walter Paoluzzi, News Editor

Walter is a News Editor at Rich TVX’s National Content Center in Atlanta, joining the network in 2015. He works with crews across the country facilitating live coverage and news gathering for TV and digital stories.

He usually works on stories in the western part of the US, where he grew up. Walter graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism.

Douglas Quinn, Senior Enterprise Reporter

Douglas Quinn, who joined the editorial board in 2017, has worked for RichTVX since 2014. He is a senior enterprise reporter for Rich TVX Politics, covering the 2016 presidential campaign and politics across the United States and around the world.


Mary Hernandez, National Politics Reporter

Mary Hernandez is a national politics reporter for Rich TVX covering the 2016 campaign.

Prior to joining Rich TVX, Julia was a finance and politics reporter in Washington, D.C., where she covered Congress, the Federal Reserve, financial regulations, economic data and the banking community.

Jennifer Cervantes, International Affairs Reporter

Jennifer Cervantes started with Rich TVX as a general assignment reporter in 2014 and is based in Rich TVX’s Washington bureau.

She reports on politics and on a wide range of general news stories for programs across the network from breaking news to national stories.

David Stephens, Senior Correspondent

David Stephens is Rich TVX’s senior Washington correspondent, responsible for covering a wide range of political and breaking news stories for the network. Prior to his current role, Johns served as a justice correspondent.

Anthony is a former chairman of the executive committee of Correspondents of the Congressional Radio and Television Galleries and president of the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association.

He earned a bachelor of arts degree in political science and a law degree from American University.

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Back after a long holiday weekend, lawmakers must reach an agreement on a budget plan before the Friday deadline when government funding runs out, but demands from each side of the aisle are impeding progress on negotiations.