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Pravda Za Davida

(Rich TVX) The lifeless body of the 21 year-old rapper David Dragičević was found a few days after he was reported missing in mid-March. David Dragičević’s death in March has triggered daily protests in Banja Luka for more than 80 days.

David Dragičević went missing on March 18, 2018. His body was found washed up on a riverbank of the Crkvena river in Banja Luka, the informal capital of Republika Srpska (a legal entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina-BIH), six days later. Since the body was found, thousands of people have gathered at 6pm every day in Banja Luka, protesting over the unexplained death of the young man, demanding that the police resolve such unsolved murders and stop corruption in their ranks.

Davor Dragičević, the father of the tragically deceased young man David, said at a special session of the Parliament of Republika Srpska that his son was tortured and brutally murdered. David’s father is the most active and visible figure of the “Justice for David” protest. David Dragičević who was kidnapped, beaten, tortured, and sexually abused for days, was killed by a group of 15-20 people.

A few days after David´s body was found, police held a press conference where they claimed the death was accidental. Police missteps and a lack of transparency have sparked demonstrations, after the investigators declared David Dragičević’s death an accident and not murder, and went so far to accuse David to be an criminal.

The “Justice for David” campaign and the independent alternative media are asking for explanations, as they suspect that the police are misdirecting and covering the real perpetrators. Holding banners like “Who is protecting the killers?” and “We want the truth,” the protesters accused authorities of covering up the killing of David Dragičević.The slogan “Justice for David” is now spreading all over the internet. A Pravda za Davida Facebook group has attracted over 224,000 members and in subsequent weeks, the unrest has spread to other regions outside of Banja Luka.

“My child was killed by a system created after the war. I will never forgive them for David,” Davor Dragičević said. “I demand the names of accomplices, killers, and all those who hide evidence.”

Authorities in Banja Luka have denied the allegations.

The young David Dragičević predicted his own death by recording a song, years before his death.Titled, KID IN THE GHETTO, including lyrics: “I just wait for death to knock on the door / but you realize from the street you can not escape / Looks like I’m not gonna get far / because I’m just a pawn in this story / I’m not going anywhere I’ve done… / I’m just another kid in the ghetto.”



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