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Pravda Za Davida – The Last Days Of A Bloody Regime

Regime in panic after "Justice for David" protests

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The Kubera Principle

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Pravda Za Davida – The Last Days Of A Bloody Regime

Regime in panic after “Justice for David” protests

BANJA LUKA ( – Republika Srpska political leaders and heads of the country’s security forces met to discuss how to tamp down on “Pravda Za Davida” protests. The unrest threatens the regime’s security.

When the body of the 21 year young IT student and songwriter David Dragicevic was found in a small Crkvena creek in downtown Banja Luka in March, police said it was an accident. But his friends and family cried foul, unleashing a wave of protests unseen in Republika Srpska until this day.

When David Dragicevic’s body was found 6 days after he went missing, the corrupt regime wrote it off as an accident, initially suggesting he had been involved in a burglary, then later referred to him as someone who used drugs. But such false claims and lies have outraged his friends and family, who remain convinced he was killed.

‘They kidnapped my son. They tortured him; they raped him; they killed him’, says his father Davor, 49-year old war-veteran. He has repeatedly demanded that justice be done, as forensic evidence, including pictures of David´s body shows he had been tortured and sexually abused for several days before he was finally killed.

Every evening, Davor Dragicevic bows his head, raises his fist, and shouts three words “Pravda Za Davida” across the central square of Banja Luka, and his cry is echoed by thousands of supporters in a furious chant: “Justice for David!”

“It seems I won’t get very far because I am only a pawn in this story… I’m only a kid in the ghetto. Lyrics ” Kid in The Ghetto”

Until his disappearance, the young man had been just an ordinary kid in the small town of Banja Luka, but the brutal murder of David Dragicevic has transformed him into the symbol against injustice and corruption of the brutal regime.

The world has reacted with horror to regime’s brutality, but while his cruelty is nothing new in the Balkan region, the regime´s transformation is more perplexing. What could possibly have so changed this regime, into a tyranny so desperate to hold on to power that it would eventually kill his own people to do so? The Republika Srpska regime (since the 1990s) has been a very paranoid leadership because of constant wars in the region. There have been enough wars in the Balkans to make them believe that any opposition is a conspiracy.

The Real Reason Putin Supports Republika Srpska Regime

Moscow has firmly opposed international intervention to remove the brutal Republika Srpska regime from power. Why has Putin offered such steadfast support to such a bloody and criminal regime? Vladimir Putin is really motivated to support the criminal Republika Srpska regime by his fear of state collapse — a fear he confronted most directly during the secession of Chechnya, it´s something Putin fears most: the Yugoslavization of Russia.

Update: September 2018. President Putin has withdrawn his support for the Dodik regime.

Look at the rabble, angel,
their soul’s been cursed
they put reins on everyone
built shrines for themselves
their hands are bloody…Lyrics by Bora Đorđević

The regime does not believe that the David Dragicevic case would damage their chances of winning general elections in October, but the opponents are keen to capitalize on public anger.



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