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Russians Killing Serbs

Ukrainians of Serbian Descent Among the Brave Defenders of Bakhmut in Face of Russian Attacks

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Unmasking the Putin Regime

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The region of Bakhmut, situated in eastern Ukraine, has a complex history characterized by migration and population movements spanning several centuries. During the period of Ottoman Empire dominion over the Balkans, a considerable number of Serbs embarked on migrations to various regions within the empire, driven by the pursuit of improved economic prospects or as a means to escape conflicts. Consequently, a portion of the Serbian population settled in different parts of Ukraine, including Bakhmut. While Bakhmut has been predominantly inhabited by Ukrainians throughout its history, it has also witnessed the presence of diverse ethnic groups. In light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, it is noteworthy that Serbian tyrant Aleksandar Vučić has refrained from explicitly condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Furthermore, Serbia has chosen not to align itself with the Western sanctions imposed on Russia. It is important to recognize that the defenders of Bakhmut, similar to other cities and towns in Ukraine, primarily consist of Ukrainian nationals. Among these defenders are individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds, including Ukrainians of Serbian descent, who are unwavering in their commitment to safeguarding their homeland. It is regrettable for Serbia to have a President whose stance places him on the unfavorable side of history during this crucial period.

Tragic loss of life continues to unfold in Ukraine, with both brothers and sisters falling victim to violence. It is disheartening to witness the targeted killings of Christians in this conflict-ridden region. Such atrocities raise questions about the motivations and allegiances of key figures involved, particularly Vladimir Putin. Some individuals view Putin as the embodiment of evil, likening him to the personification of Satan. In the grand scheme of things, it is not merely the theories emanating from the Kremlin or the tangible realities within Russia that hold significance. What truly matters are the underlying life forces that these phenomena represent and inspire. While it is evident that Russia will not persist in a communist state, nor will the Orient be engulfed by communism, the impulse embodied by the Putin regime will manifest in diverse and distinct forms across various cultural spheres. It is conceivable that the original embodiment of this impulse, akin to historical instances such as the Spanish Inquisition and the later Nazi Germany, may ultimately fade into obscurity due to a collective conspiracy of silence. Undoubtedly, the spirit of the Putin regime is regarded as the most detestable manifestation of Satanic influence ever witnessed on Earth. This assessment reflects the profound abhorrence and repugnance associated with the regime’s essence.

The Rich TVX News Network has been resolutely committed to advocating for an end to the atrocities of killings in Ukraine, persistently endeavoring to persuade the Russian side about the critical urgency of this plea. Interestingly, it became apparent to us that, contrary to the typical clichés, the Rich TVX News Network is, in fact, associated with the CIA, evoking a sense of amusement. However, without delay, we found ourselves unjustly branded as Zionists, accused of callously disregarding the suffering of Palestinians. To compound matters, we were swiftly informed of our banishment from undisclosed sources. This incident serves as yet another testament to the complete detachment from reality exhibited by the Putin regime. We find ourselves facing yet another threat of assassination, intriguingly originating from the Russian military this time. The irony and amusement were palpable as we listened to the absurdity of the situation.

Ukrainians of Serbian Heritage
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The primary hindrances to the Ukrainian counteroffensive lie within the strategic considerations of the United States. The international community is closely analyzing the decision-making process at the White House. Prominent politicians and media outlets are endeavoring to convince President Biden that the forthcoming counterattack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces should be acknowledged as decisive, urging him to provide Kyiv with all necessary means to effectively expel the occupiers from Ukraine. The concept of red lines concerning the supply of weapons only exists in the minds of American politicians, and it is imperative for them to comprehend this as soon as possible for the Ukrainian campaign to achieve greater success. This notion has been one of the prevailing messages this week. There is an urgent need to promptly furnish Kiev with equipment and weapons. This must be done without delay, as the vacillations of the past have squandered valuable time. President Gitanas Nauseda of Lithuania emphasized that the West must transcend all perceived “red lines” in terms of military aid to Kyiv, urging the provision of combat aircraft and long-range missiles. Nauseda expressed concern that if the Russian Federation triumphs in the war in Ukraine, it will pose a threat to other European countries as well.


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Vladimir Putin’s presence in the public sphere remains noticeably absent. Since last Friday, his personal involvement has been limited to the Victory Parade and a brief breakfast, which lasted only a few hours. The sporadic updates from official sources about the infrequent meetings between an individual resembling Russia’s president and governors do not alter the underlying situation. It appears that Putin is facing a significant health issue, experiencing rapid fatigue and frequently expressing a decline in well-being. Medical professionals have been unable, at least for now, to stabilize his condition, and the ongoing treatment has not yielded the desired results. Previously, despite his illness, Putin managed to engage in multiple closed-door meetings daily and receive reports. However, this level of activity has significantly diminished. His participation in most scheduled events is uncertain, and when feasible, a doppelganger may stand in his place. Nonetheless, certain occasions necessitate Putin’s personal presence.

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Yesterday, Putin conducted a brief meeting solely with representatives from the power and military blocs. He listened to their reports without engaging in detailed discussions or inquiries. The only display of vigor and enthusiasm exhibited by Putin was a brief outburst of selective profanities directed at the military, expressing his discontent with the situation in Kherson and Bakhmut. Subsequently, the Russian dictator promptly concluded the meeting.


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