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US Proposes Sanctions That Would Ban All Exports to Russia | State Sponsor of Terrorism

Russia Shifts Energy Payments to Rubles and Yuan, Abandons Euro and Dollar

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G7 Aims to Cripple Russian Economy

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Despite facing sanctions, the Russian oligarchs are amassing more wealth, but this could be a hollow achievement. As we previously warned, the oligarchs are facing persecution worldwide. To the oligarchs, we suggest: enjoy the good times while they last. As of writing this, a formidable group is meeting at the Kremlin to discuss how to suppress their adversaries following Russia’s successful abuse of the U.N. Security Council.

The Rich TVX News Network is viewed as an adversary of the Kremlin, alongside Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Bill Browder, Steven Tian, and the research team from the Yale School of Management. We want to send this message to the Kremlin: we know that you’re surveilling us, that you’ve already infiltrated our networks, that you have information about our identities and whereabouts, but we won’t be intimidated. Can’t you perceive that the situation has changed dramatically, and you’re no longer in control? Arrogant fools, what have you accomplished by your shameful actions in Ukraine?

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak has announced that Russia will be shifting all payments for energy resources to rubles and yuan, while completely abandoning the use of the euro and dollar in the future. This move may have significant implications, which we hope little Novak has taken into account. Approximately 80 European parliamentarians have written a letter calling on the French Foreign Minister to declare the Chinese ambassador in Paris persona non grata due to his comments about Crimea. China’s top diplomat, Liu Shaye, has publicly denied the sovereignty of former Soviet republics, a stance that is firmly aligned with Russian propaganda. This is not only limited to Ukraine, but encompasses all former Soviet republics.

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In particular, Ambassador Liu Shaye has claimed that Crimea “originally belonged to Russia, and then Khrushchev gave it to Ukraine.” Meanwhile, the EU is considering a proposal to ban the transit of certain goods through Russia. Furthermore, Yevgeny Prigozhin has announced that PMC “Wagner” will no longer take prisoners and instead plans to kill all those on the battlefield. The G7, led by the United States, aims to cripple the Russian economy and bring about the complete defeat of the Russian Federation. The Western powers no longer entertain the possibility of Putin’s continued rule in the Kremlin. Over the past week, the US has hinted at taking a hardline stance against Russia, with sanctions proposed at the G7 level that would ban all exports to the country, causing it to lose access to Western technologies.

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Despite China’s ability to compensate for the deficit caused by the sanctions over time, the US has also proposed that Moscow be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism, which would effectively lead to a ban on any trade relations with Russia, including for China. The US has awakened from its lethargy due to Putin’s allegiance to Xi, which is the worst-case scenario for the White House, even worse than the semi-disintegration of the Russian Federation and the emergence of many small nuclear states.

For China, Russia represents a Golden Eldorado that would enable it to avoid an expected economic crisis and become the richest economy in the world. The dismantling of the Russian empire is the only chance for the United States to maintain its global leadership. However, it remains to be seen whether the Old World will comprehend this.

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