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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Warns Of A “Terrible Nuclear War”

US and Israel vow to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Warns Of A “Terrible Nuclear War”

New York ( — The United States and Israel have aligned their military efforts, and the possibility of a “Second Front” opening in the Middle East looms as a result. During a meeting between US Secretary of Defense Austin and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the US pledged to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, citing the threat it poses not only to Israel but to the entire world. In response, Tehran has threatened Azerbaijan, claiming that it will turn Karabakh into a second Syria. The connection between these two events is explored, and the likelihood of another war in the region is considered. Tehran recently reached an agreement with Moscow for the supply of enriched uranium to Iran, and according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran has already accumulated enough enriched uranium for its nuclear program. Officials from the US and Israeli governments believe that Iran is capable of producing a nuclear bomb in just 12 days. Prime Minister Netanyahu has called for an aggressive approach to Iran’s actions in the Middle East, warning that a “terrible nuclear war” will ensue if Iran is allowed to obtain nuclear weapons. This demonstration of readiness for military intervention is a clear message to the Khamenei government. Iran’s response has been to declare Yerevan a “brother” and to plan the transfer of 4,000 fighters to Nagorno-Karabakh by May 2023. This move is a direct blow to Azerbaijan, whose claim to the region is recognized by the international community. However, since the early 1990s, Baku has not controlled most of the region, and the recent conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the area has led to Russian peacekeeping efforts. Azerbaijan has also received significant military support from Israel, which has supplied 69% of all weapons to the country and even sold its Iron Dome missile defense system to Baku. Rumors suggest that the January attack on Iranian military facilities was carried out from an Israeli military base in Azerbaijan, with the authorities’ permission. Despite Israel’s history of indecisiveness, the prospect of nuclear weapons being obtained by Iran is a trigger that even the pro-Russian Netanyahu cannot ignore.

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The Middle East is likely to heat up in the near future, and the Israeli government will have to decide how to respond to Tehran’s actions. It may opt for a surgical operation, such as the drone attack on Iranian military facilities in January, or Netanyahu may choose to seek help from Moscow. Whatever the course of action, there will be consequences for the region and beyond. The more Iran’s Ayatollah Seyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei engages in adventurism, the less likely he is to receive support from countries like Russia. This will inevitably draw more states into the conflict, including those that have so far remained neutral in the Russian war against Ukraine. North Korea may also take note of the situation and adjust its own approach accordingly. It is worth noting that the US is planning significant adjustments to its program of supplying weapons to Ukraine.

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