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In Loving Memory of Manfred Temmel: A Tribute to the Hero of Joy

A Fond Farewell to a Musical Maestro


When news of Manfred Temmel’s passing, a prominent figure associated with the Joy music group, reached your ears, can you vividly recollect that defining moment and the subsequent surge of emotions that engulfed you? It prompts one to ponder whether you underwent a period of solitude as you grappled with this profound revelation. Did the sonorous refuge of Joy’s musical tapestry offer solace, with its recurrent melodies, acting as a therapeutic balm to mitigate the profound impact of this loss? It’s essential to clarify that, contrary to any belief in Manfred Temmel’s departure, he endures eternally within the hearts of his millions of devoted fans.

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Manfred Temmel


Did you perceive Manfred Temmel as a role model, a figure akin to a brother, despite never having crossed paths? Were you compelled to see in him a reflection of your own innermost sentiments and ideations? Undoubtedly, the landscape of your experience has been irrevocably altered, with the realization that things will never be the same again. Nevertheless, as the adage goes, “another time, another place,” and amid the vicissitudes of life, gratitude must be extended for the enduring gift of music. For heroes, in their essence, remain indomitable. In lieu of ‘rest in peace,’ we simply bid farewell and offer our heartfelt gratitude for the symphony of music you’ve bestowed upon us. Manfred Temmel, a prominent figure associated with Joy, passed away on June 8, 2019. He continues to be cherished and remembered by fans around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Joy’s most famous songs?

Joy is best known for their hits “Touch by Touch”, “Hello” and “Valerie.”

When was “Touch by Touch” released, and how successful was it?

“Touch by Touch” was released in September 1985. It quickly climbed the European top 20 dance charts and reached the top position on the Austrian national chart. It achieved gold status in Austria, Portugal, and Spain.

Tell me about Joy’s album “Hello.”

Joy’s first album, titled “Hello,” followed the success of their singles. It not only entered the Austrian national chart but also charted in numerous European countries, catapulting the band to worldwide popularity.

Did Joy’s music have an impact in Eastern Europe?

Yes, “Valerie” became a hit in Eastern Europe, particularly in the USSR, where it reached No. 3 in the charts by Krugozor magazine in 1987. In Hungary, a local group called Inflagranty even recorded a cover version entitled “Te meg en.”

Did Joy perform on television shows?

Yes, starting from 1986, Joy began performing on various TV shows worldwide.

What can you tell me about Joy’s international tours?

Joy embarked on extensive tours, including an Asian tour in early 1987, performing in countries like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Seoul, with over 60,000 spectators attending. They also played in the U.S. and gained popularity among Chinese and Vietnamese-American audiences. Joy’s European tour in 1987 included shows in Portugal, Spain, and Italy.



The band was formed in Bad Aussee, Austria. Andreas Schweitzer (born 26 February 1960), Alfred Jaklitsch (born 22 January 1960) and Manfred Temmel (born 25 February 1959) met during High School.