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Rich X Search – Into the Metaverse

The Metaverse is commonly described as other from physical reality

Rich X Search – Into the Metaverse

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) – Silicon Valley’s gold rush is on but practitioners differ over how these virtual, digital worlds should operate. It’s a “Metaverse gold rush,” like the heroic episode at the close of the 20th century. Vast fortunes had been poured onto the Web during the late1990s. Rich X Search represents the new breed, as the COVID-19 pandemic is driving the internet to the next stage of its evolution. With the Metaverse, where the physical blends with augmented and virtual reality, the virtual world steps out of the computer with incredibly powerful implications, even for religious experience. Rich X Search pushes the Metaverse into new realms, where your avatar is playing, working, shopping, and interacting with a shared online universe, and the moment we enter the Metaverse, we can be assured that there are rules to be followed. With the appearance of the Metaverse, where your Meta Me resides, the other realm of the sacred has new competition. In the Metaverse one is encouraged to believe there is no outside, as you are present inside the internet and not just looking at it. The desire is for complete enveloping illusion.

The Rich X Search Metaverse Has The Potential To Enable Images Of Christ

If the sacred is real and the Metaverse is not, then nobody should be going to church in the Metaverse. If the sacred can manifest in both the Metaverse and in the physical world, then Metaverse miracles are possible. The Metaverse is commonly described as other from physical reality. When we engage with the Metaverse we are doing more than extending human agency through a new communications system. The problem is not merely philosophical. It’s not just how we use the Metaverse, but also what kind of people we become when we use it. The transmission of religious texts in the Rich X Search Metaverse can clearly result in new forms of interactivity. The Metaverse was first described in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 sci-fi novel, Snow Crash, as a concept that blends digital and physical existence, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rise of the Metaverse. Rich X Search blends the synthetic with the natural, so that one takes the real world as it is, but adds something virtual to it. The Rich X Search Metaverse has the potential to enable images of Christ to be projected into a room in which we are standing by holographic projection. This image could be interacted with via A.I. programs, allowing the holographic Christ figure to utter passages from the Bible. For the founder of Rich X Search, using the Metaverse for religious purposes is not necessarily wrong – so long as it doesn’t overshadow real, embodied religious practices and communities.


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