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Hard-Hitting Movie Adaption Of Richard Steiner’s Book ‘A Man Of Honor’ Is Coming

The Most Anticipated Movie Based On A True Story

Hard-Hitting Movie Adaption Of Richard Steiner’s Book ‘A Man Of Honor’ Is Coming

NEW YORK ( — According to reliable sources in Hollywood, the district within the city of Los Angeles, California, U.S., whose name is synonymous with the American film industry, a hard-hitting movie adaption of Richard Steiner’s eloquent book ‘A Man Of Honor’ is in preparation. ‘A Man of Honor’ is the enthralling story of the life of Richard Steiner. As reported, by piercing the veil of secrecy of this mysterious man, Peter Pokorny explores his human qualities – loyalty, Integrity, conviction, friendships, connections, trust and honor. These are the principles of Richard Steiner. Based on a book by Richard Steiner and Peter Pokorny, with an excellent screenplay ‘A Man Of Honor’ is basically an action feature-length biography of Richard Steiner. Exploding with energy and excitement, the action movie in general is a spectacular extravaganza of high speed. The action genre consists of narratives of violent confrontation perpetrated by or responded to — often with more violence, and many action films of the twenty-first century have prominent thematic elements and plot lines, and these same themes still resonate today in the movie industry. A remarkably accurate and complete synthesis of all these themes, however, shows up in Richard Steiner’s Book ‘A Man Of Honor’. No wonder, we have seen an inordinate amount of remakes of old films, because the people who were children in the 1980s have taken over executive positions in Hollywood, their nostalgia for movie classics like Rambo First Blood, Star Wars, Superman, The Terminator, and Indiana Jones are most probably a major impetus for the resurrection of these franchises. In fact, the pain and suffering Richard Steiner went through was to help accent the victories he achieves. In essence, Steiner very skillfully sticks to this theme in his book. But in general, how many Hollywood action films can you think of that were based on a true story? The vast majority of the action films were about men who were larger than life, who could do things ordinary men could not. Yet these action heroes were just movie actors who played a role. Of course, actors and their publicity machines are aware of this, but the most fascinating aspect of Richard Steiner´s movie is the fact that the movie will be based on a true story.

Richard Steiner
Richard Steiner

New & Upcoming True Story Movie ‘A Man Of Honor

Richard Steiner - A Man Of Honor
Richard Steiner – A Man Of Honor

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The cinema of the United States, also known as Hollywood, has had a large effect on the global film industry since the early 20th century. The dominant style of American cinema is classical Hollywood cinema, which developed from 1913 to 1969 and is still typical of most films made there to this day. While Frenchmen Auguste and Louis Lumière are generally credited with the birth of modern cinema,[5] American cinema soon came to be a dominant force in the emerging industry. As of 2017, it produced the second-largest number of films of any single-language national cinema, after China, with more than 700 English-language films released on average every year.[6] While the national cinemas of the United Kingdom (299), Canada (206), Australia, and New Zealand also produce films in the same language, they are not considered part of the Hollywood system. That said, Hollywood has also been considered a transnational cinema,[7] and has produced multiple language versions of some titles, often in Spanish or French. Contemporary Hollywood often outsources production to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Hollywood is considered to be the oldest film industry, in the sense of being the place where the earliest film studios and production companies emerged. It is also the birthplace of various genres of cinema—among them comedy, drama, action, the musical, romance, horror, science fiction, and the war epic—and has set the example for other national film industries.

In 1878, Eadweard Muybridge demonstrated the power of photography to capture motion. In 1894, the world’s first commercial motion-picture exhibition was given in New York City, using Thomas Edison‘s kinetoscope. In the following decades, production of silent film greatly expanded, studios formed and migrated to California, and films and the stories they told became much longer. The United States produced the world’s first sync-sound musical film, The Jazz Singer, in 1927,[8] and was at the forefront of sound-film development in the following decades. Since the early 20th century, the U.S. film industry has largely been based in and around the thirty-mile zone in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Director D.W. Griffith was central to the development of a film grammar. Orson Welles‘s Citizen Kane (1941) is frequently cited in critics’ polls as the greatest film of all time.[9]

The major film studios of Hollywood are the primary source of the most commercially successful and most ticket selling movies in the world.[10][11] Moreover, many of Hollywood’s highest-grossing movies have generated more box-office revenue and ticket sales outside the United States than films made elsewhere. Into the 21st century, American film studios collectively generate several hundred movies every year, making the United States one of the most prolific producers of films in the world and a leading pioneer in motion picture engineering and technology.