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The Best Ibiza Anthems Ever: StoneBridge ft Therese — Put ‘Em High

Huge Ibiza anthems guaranteed to get you moving!

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The Best Ibiza Anthems Ever: StoneBridge ft Therese — Put ‘Em High

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — The Rich TVX News Network music bulletin this morning: “Funky house”. That’s StoneBridge’s sound. His remix of “Mama India”, last year’s monster Ibiza anthem, really made people take notice of the track. StoneBridge has recently worked again with Elsa Li Jones and a forthcoming new StoneBridge single is sure to shake the funky house thang to the max. What is your #1 Ibiza tune? Now we launch our best Ibiza anthems ever curated by you, showcasing the very best Ibiza anthems. “Put ‘Em High” is a song by Swedish producer StoneBridge from his album Can’t Get Enough (2004). The song was released through Hed Kandi in the United Kingdom and features vocals from Therese. The radio edit by JJ reached number six on the UK Singles Chart, number 26 in Ireland, and number 33 in Australia. Therese re-released the song on her label Vixon Records in 2015. In 2016, the track was re-released on StoneBridge’s label Stoney Boy Music, along with new remixes. This re-release reached number one on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. The updated radio edit was subsequently featured on the re-release of the album Can’t Get Enough.

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