Red White & Truth with Mike Crispi – Globalism Has Infected America ft. Giovanni Corrado 8/5/21

America has always been the land of the free and the home of the brave, a country standing head and shoulders above the rest on the world stage. Sadly in 2021, we are seeing a watered-down America that now looks eerily similar to lesser nations around the world. In the name of “public health and safety”, freedoms are being rolled back in this country at levels like we’ve never seen before and sadly, most people don’t even realize what’s being taken away from them and how it’ll now never be restored. It’s all part of a coordinated assault on “America First” by very powerful people selling their own country out. We discuss the rise of global governance, China, and the troubling phenomenon of European politics now guiding the way for the USA with international political activist, Giovanni Corrado.

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  • 1/87th of a 1.9 trillion dollars is earmarked for actual infrastructure

  • I live in Alabama, I'm seeing illegals everywhere.

  • China bought the US

  • Neurotic an evil

  • Why is that not against the law ?

  • Hi from communist California they don't even talk about illegals here

  • morbocinňos cripy putting in guantanamo 🍪 nooo stay freedom money money took demoratas danger control mental health

  • Why bother getting the Backscene if there are so many sick people coming across the border?

  • We are living in the time of confusion

  • There's enough gold platinum silver steel copper in the Rocky mountains to make this country the richest country in the world we just going to let some foreign Nation let this country sell off that land so they can get those natural resources over My Dead body and they're already doing it in California again there's enough gold in the Rocky mountains to get this country out of debt there's enough gold in those Rocky mountains to build three new cities into invite 200 300 million new people into this country rich countries grow rich countries build and this country is very rich I say pillage the Rocky mountains get this country out of debt I say we build new cities and invite 300 million people to help build them I say this country will be the strongest country in the world out with the old in with the new order boomers got to go

  • PROBLEM IS alot of state governments have already OUTLAWED sale of SEEDS.

  • No country in the world allows their borders to fail! Except the USA.


  • WE ARE DONE WILL SUPPORTING ANY BUSSINESS THAT SAY NO VAC NO MASK GET OUT — good we can safe our money and you alllllllllllllll will go out of business— sad for you good for us A HOLES

  • I guess all Hipa laws are right out the window?!

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