President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure for Alamo, TX 1/12/21

President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure for Alamo, TX 1/12/21

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  • You can say no violence all you want. Just like I can claim to not be racist or to be anti racist while still being racist. You can claim to be peaceful while instigating or structuring a war. This means very little given the man's track record. Without Trump there would have been no violence. Hate crimes and right wing extremist terrorist attacks have increased significantly as well as hate groups, hate group membership rates, and hate group funding, since the day this man went down the escalator. Facts not feelings guys…

  • He is stopping all these drugs but drug use is shooting up. This is all nonsense.

  • Love President Trump!

  • But joe got in

  • Donald J Trump is the President of the United States. Joe Biden is an imposter.

  • We appreciate with all our heart the enormous efforts you have done as the legitamatePresident of the USA . We hope someday you will be thr President of The Americas ! Love you and Melania

  • Nancy P. is a hater and is trying to survive! She will have her time behind bars….

  • That SCUMBAG Biden can even except the Presidency knowing that the FRAUD put him there. How American is that?

  • This is my only PRESIDENT

  • Wow….cant help himself…lying and stirring shit….good ridence

  • I am in UK and its early afternoon on 20th January- but we specifically bought Champagne to celebrate- GOOD RIDDANCE celebrations!
    To think he has broken every record- he has lost 2 elections- impeached twice- AND taken the accolade from Nixon as THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER! Wikipedia has a lot of work to do on Nixon’s page! As Fred Trump said to Bone Spurs” I hate losers” 😂🤣😂🤣 If you see Fred’s grave in a disarray- it’s him turning in his grave 😂🤣😂🤣🙈 08.19 am ET- A new dawn for Americans! What a long wait! Finally over- the ar*ehole has LEFT the WH🙏 👏 👏👏👏👏👏

  • The people's president Donald J Trump. He put the American people first and this country first above all other nations and corporations. over 72 million people voted for him the largest voting Bloc in America's history. They could not allow him to win again so they stole it from the American people!!!!!


  • We love you president Trump ❤️

  • The world knows Trump won.

  • Mr. President needs to call for martial law before the democrats do, because they are the ones that wants to have control over us and America needs to stand up against the global take over, war is about to begin look to the east since Biden is bought by China

  • I love this President beyond words.


  • That’s what the left does …. pretend and cause problems like little children

  • We love you forever Donald , may God bless you and your family with good health, love and peace 😍🇺🇸


  • The Greatest President of Our Lifetime.

  • He speech in Alamo was deleted

  • This was OUR FUTURE …. AMERICA'S FUTURE, they stole from us. They robbed this country …. even the rest of the world, of its future. God bless you POTUS TRUMP. WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!

  • We love you President Trump.

  • Biden just announced he is immediately lifting the Muslim Ban.

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