The Joe Cozzo Show – Biden's Political Weapon: The CDC 8/5/21

Biden is using the CDC to ruin landlord’s lives throughout the country. He shames unvaccinated Americans, calling them unpatriotic. And place Americans in camps using the ‘Shield Approach’ where people have limited contact with their family members.

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  • Demosaurios suppose to be in guantanamo for life

  • First time watching your show and I love the energy and directness man! My mom has been saying all of this for YEARS. I say organize a rally- people will be there!

  • ***Bill Clinton was impeached for had sex with the girl, why Joe Biden didn't get impeach for some sexual harassment with some female used to work with him? You need to ask Democrats that question Joe Cozzo****

  • ***I like The Joe Cozzo Show!!! some one talk the true!!!***

  • How on earth are you saying all this on YouTube? How are you not censored? Holy S! What a breath of fresh air to hear the truth! Thanks so much.

  • The Democrats Are Mockers, And Using BLM, The Blacks Liberals Leaders, The Black Leaders. Civil Rights Movement, To Destroy America.

    "The White Liberal is The Worst Enemy To America, And The Worst Enemy To The Black Man." Malcolm X.

    These Black Liberals Are Pure Wicked, And Evil. Judgement Day is Coming.
    These While Liberals Leaders Are Pure Wicked And Evil. Judgement Day is Coming. The Eyes of The LORD, Are in Every Place, Beholding The Evil And The Good. Proverbs 15:3.

  • I know 5 people that had the shot 1 had a stroke afterwards the hospital blamed covie

  • Yeah the ground game is they cheat and lie.

  • We don’t have a DOJ , we have us that’s it…

  • Yes, we all need to step up do something, this country is being destroyed!

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