One America News pushes to make Arizona’s so-called election “audit” into “America’s audits”

As former President Donald Trump restarts his political rallies, driven by the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from him, the avowedly pro-Trump One America News looms large in the background. The Trumpist network hosts openly voice their hopes that the ongoing so-called “audit” of the Maricopa County, Arizona, election results — driven by an unsecure, QAnon-riddled hot mess of conspiracy theories — will prove fraud and throw the certified 2020 election results into chaos, ultimately removing Joe Biden from the presidency — and maybe flipping the U.S. Senate to Republicans as well.


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  • Got news for you John… it was stolen and there’s so much proof out there already. Open your eyes.

  • Transparency! Audit the HELL out of it!

  • OAN i nothing but a sycophantic bunch of blind people obeying their demagogue with zero independent thought. Do you know how hard it is to make a fake vote, let alone some 3,000,000 Trump would need? You would need for every fake vote: a recent official letter with your name at your address, a Social Security Number that no one else has, and signatures that match those on file. Even having the dead vote, or the Chinese voting would be impossible on that scale. Rarely do you even find 10 fake votes in an election. Good luck, idiots.

  • Hey John Nelson, I see you are doing your duty of echoing the mindless chant of the "SO-CALLED AUDIT". Good job. Do you even know what an audit is? And this "AUDIT" is actually a "FORENSIC AUDIT". They don't just recount all the FAKE ballots, but they actually LOOK at them to see which ones are FAKE.

  • Don't you right wing fanatics go stormin' the Capitol again.

  • Dems are running scared and want the audits stopped
    A good sign the are hiding criminal behavior

  • OK, let's start with all counties Trump won and let the auditors be all democrats

  • Stolen election leads to 225 million dead thx to the kill jab. 70% of idiots are getting culled and I'm very happy. GG idiots

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