Trump calls DeSantis GUTLESS

Trump calls DeSantis GUTLESS
#trump #desantis #covid

Trump noted during an interview with the conservative One America News Network that he has received a booster and is dismayed that other politicians dodge the question when asked.

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  • Oh boy, DeSantis just called out Trump for his lockdowns during the early stages of Covid….it's getting spicy! Trump has been pro-vaccine while being anti-lockdown and mandates whereas DeSantis has kept quiet about the vaccine and pushed being against the mandates exclusively. Personally, I'm with Trump on this one. I appreciate the open transparency with Trump vs Gutless Governor DeSantis.

  • I like DeSantis….but he wouldn't be where he is today without Trump. I also noticed he tries to talk just like Trump, even does his hands like Trump while at the podium.

  • Except de santis isn’t a corrupt billionaire with sketchy shell companies in Russia and the Middle East

  • He doesn’t realise that as long as he leaves the unvaccinated alone we don’t give a fuck what he does to his body.

  • Desantis is great value trump

  • Tha vax is trash.

  • They say they are but I'm betting most of them aren't.

  • You don't know what your talking about. Dessntis is like Trump but he has the mind of a politician, the lack of which ultimately lead to trumps downfall

  • That's like ur father disowning u..DeSantis must be heart 💔..

  • THAT WAS A REAL AD????? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Trump ain't no way is going to win. Trump already shows his colours

  • Tucker Carlson defintely vaccinated, he loves himself too much, he has seen people ill from covid not a good look.

  • Beta male u know hes wearing the skirt in the relationship lol and his wife is wearing the pants absolutely and utterly disgusting

  • Desantis is who I prefer because I don't trust Trump and his push for the pharmaceutical companies.

  • I don't believe they took the real vax. They have a card that says they are but they really aren't.

  • I can be pro trump vs whatever other options and still be anti vaccinated.
    There is bigger issues than this covid shit.

  • DeSantis is the future Trump post to f Joe Biden?

  • I did not get vaccinated. Not even one shot. Though I’m not saying someone didn’t drug me. That’s always a possibility. To my knowledge I am not vaxed

  • Rand Paul 2024

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