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UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss — Stranger in Moscow

Liz Truss met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss — Stranger in Moscow

NEW YORK ( — Throughout the last months a media war raged, with Ukraine in the epicentre. On one hand, there was the Kremlin black propaganda facility pulling its punches. On the other hand, a group of media outlets in different countries did their best to learn and tell the world what was really going on in Ukraine. On the second floor of the Kremlin, down the long, wide, carpeted and empty corridor, one of the high doors opened to let visitors into the huge reception room. Heavy snow covered Moscow today when Lavrov and Truss began negotiations. Lavrov called his meeting with the head of the British Foreign Office unprecedented, and told her what statements can’t be diplomacy. The Russian minister said that he was ready to discuss the implementation of Russian initiatives – and expressed the hope that it would be possible to restore the mechanisms of cooperation between the two countries. Sergey Lavrov asked not to translate into Russian the speech of British Foreign Minister Liz Truss. “Everyone here understands… You can talk,” he said. The British minister, for her part, said that London could not ignore the build-up of Russian military forces near the borders of Ukraine and that she had come to urge Russia to follow the diplomatic path. The British Defense Minister did not rule out the further deployment of British troops in Eastern or Southern Europe. Same time, The Guardian wrote that the head of the British Foreign Office will sign a bill on the “toughest” sanctions against Russia this week, then it will go to parliament. The Kremlin was clearly irritated, even geopolitically, Sergey Lavrov made its traditional calculation that vassals make better neighbours than independent states.

“Everyone Here Understands… You Can Talk”

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