Nenad Nešić Ends The Devils’ Alliance – ‘Europe’s Last Dictator’ Milorad Dodik Loses His Grip

Milorad Dodik's reign of terror is coming to an end

Nenad Nešić Ends The Devils’ Alliance – ‘Europe’s Last Dictator’ Milorad Dodik Loses His Grip

NEW YORK ( – Milorad Dodik’s reign of terror is coming to an end. Dodik is increasingly isolated at home and abroad. Milorad Dodik is finished, as the new leader of the DNS party Nenad Nešić has terminated the coalition with (Dodik´s party) SNSD.

Milorad Dodik is one of the most menacing figures in recent history. Nenad Nešić is a rising Super-star on the political landscape.

Milorad Dodik rules by terror the city Banja Luka, as his police apparatus beats old women, mothers and their babies in the streets. The Butcher of Banja Luka, Tyrant Milorad Dodik, even supported by the EU, is driven by his ambition to rule regardless of its cost.

Last week we reported that the EU turned back focus on David Dragičević case, as Lawyer Ifet Feraget received EU guarantees. Dictator Milorad Dodik is in his weakest position ever, but managed to survive by brutally suppressing members of Pravda Za Davida.

Nazi Terror in Banja Luka – Murderous Milorad Dodik Regime

There is a battle for information – is the official news, they the alternative!

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