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Željka Cvijanović – The World´s Most Heartless Woman

She Doesn't 'Give A F**k About David Dragičević

Željka Cvijanović – The World´s Most Heartless Woman

The President of the Republic is the Head of State. Thus, under the Constitution, she “represents the Republika Srpska”, “is the guarantor of national independence, the unity of the State and the proper working of the democratic institutions” and “is the Supreme Commander of the Police Forces”. As guarantor of the proper working of the democratic institutions she is especially charged, under her oath at the time of her inauguration, with “defending and complying and ensuring compliance with the Constitution of the Republika Srpska”. The most important role of the office is the protection of the citizens. That’s the role in which Željka Cvijanović has failed, she failed not only as Prime Minister and President of Republika Srpska, but also as mother and a human being.

When Željka Cvijanović was just a little schoolgirl, she had only one role model, it was the same role model that the dictator Milorad Dodik had, it was Josip Broz Tito. Little Željka was full of ideals, she dreamed of a perfect world, and her only wish was to help other people, and she had only one goal, she wanted Tito, the all-powerful father of the nation, to be proud of her. As a little schoolgirl Željka has often thought about God too, but God seemed too abstract to her, she tried several times to establish a relationship with God, but it never worked properly, so little Željka did something that all those who felt betrayed by God do, she went on the path of evil. It was not a conscious process, it was like a huge spiral that drew her into her spell, she tried to resist, but in the end she was too proud to admit that it was the wrong way, and so the fate took its course, from a little english language teacher, up to the President of the country, a career like in a picture book, only this career has blemishes.

When David Dragičević was kidnapped and then beaten, tortured and raped for days, as Prime Minister of Republika Srpska,  Željka Cvijanović’s first duty was to do everything possible to find David Dragičević, and to get him liberated out of the hands of the kidnappers, unfortunately, Željka Cvijanović did nothing of the sort, because Željka Cvijanović is a Old Style Hardcore Jugo Communist, educated in a soulless system, therefore she does not believe in fate, or in a higher destiny, so she has not yet realized who David Dragičević in reality was. That would not be unusual, since the history is full of heartless rulers, would not Željka Cvijanović be a mother too. Mama is a word that means God when translated. It is the maternal instinct to protect and nurture children, to protect the weak, and to give hope, to those who have lost hope. As a mother, Željka Cvijanović unfortunately failed completely, she showed zero empathy in the case of David Dragičević and to David´s family.

Željka Cvijanović has done nothing to help David Dragičević’s family, to help wherever possible, in contrast, Željka Cvijanović, along with the whole corrupt state media apparatus of the Republika Srpska, has done everything to spit on David´s father Davor Dragičević, as Davor Dragičević did one crime, a monstrous thing, as a real father, he stood up in search of the truth, to find out who killed his son David Dragičević. Davor Dragičević showed to the whole world how corrupt the Republika Srpska regime is, one from inside rotting state apparatus, a system left over from the last war, which came to power through blood, a cold hearted regime that will leave only through blood, that is the saddest concern.

The period of life on earth is very short, it is a eyeblink of God, since Željka Cvijanović will soon lose her power, as the entire Milorad Dodik regime has no future, not anymore after the way they treated the case of David Dragičević and David´s family, and after the shameful press conference, not only will Željka Cvijanović sink into insignificance, it is bad enough that little Željka has lost her humanity and transformed herself into a cold heartless callous demon.

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) The Republika Srpska government’s brutal crackdown on Pravda Za Davida demonstrations and David´s father Davor Dragičević has escalated dramatically.  David’s father Davor confirmed that today on Monday, December 17, he will appear at the public prosecutor’s office in Prijedor, which is investigating him in the case of security threat to RS MUP officials.

“I am going to Prijedor for just 10 minutes to the Criminal Prosecution Office to tell them that I do not admit them. And last night, where we were (The Palate of Justice in Banja Luka), it’s just a building, and Željka Cvijanović who will admit her? I do not think that even her mother admits her any longer, “said Davor Dragičević.

Since Željka Cvijanović will read this article, we hereby give Željka Cvijanović a good advice:
Step down from your position as the President of Republika Srpska, and at least try to save your soul!
You can not escape the punishment of earthly justice and the legal system, but you can mitigate it.
It’s not too late yet!
Step down with immediate effect!


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