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The Press Evaluates The Talks Between Putin and Macron

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The Press Evaluates The Talks Between Putin and Macron

NEW YORK ( — It is morning in America. The lead story for Tuesday morning, February 8: The Press evaluates the talks between Putin and Macron:


This meeting may be the most important “for the future of Ukraine, for the security of Europe” and for Macron himself, since the presidential elections are coming in France – while Putin remains the master of the game at the moment.

New York Times

The meeting was unusual both in duration and format – the leaders communicated face-to-face, without assistants in the hall.


Length of negotiations is already a success.


Macron entered the bear’s lair and was torn to pieces.


Macron’s enthusiasm is not shared by the United States and Eastern European countries, Western governments have noticed that Macron’s words about the new security system are close to the language used by Russia.

Washington Post

Macron was determined to use a mediating tone, even calling Russia a neighbor and friend.


Not a dialogue of the deaf, but a compromise is still far away.


The French leader sees the situation around Ukraine “as further evidence that the Europeans must take their fate into their own hands”.

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