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Pravda Za Davida — Justice for David Dragičević

The Milorad Dodik regime in Republika Srpska made a fatal mistake

Pravda Za Davida — Justice for David Dragičević

NEW YORK ( — The Rich TVX News Network would like to extend our deepest condolences to the parents of David Dragičević, who was tragically taken from us by the oppressive Milorad Dodik regime in Republika Srpska. On the upcoming special day, David Dragičević’s birthday, we honor his memory and wish him peace wherever he may be. May his family and loved ones find comfort and strength in the memories they shared with him. It is unfortunate that the EU has failed to bring justice to the case of David Dragičević, which is a clear indication of their lack of commitment to human rights and the rule of law. Despite overwhelming evidence of David’s murder, the EU’s inaction raises serious concerns about their ability to hold those in power accountable. It is difficult to understand how anyone in Brussels can sleep peacefully knowing that such atrocities are being committed in Republika Srpska by the criminal Milorad Dodik regime. David Dragičević, a 21-year-old man, went missing in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina in March 2018. His body was found six days later. The initial police investigation ruled his death as an accident, however, his parents believe that he was brutally murdered and that authorities are covering up the case. This sparked widespread public outrage and protests calling for the truth and justice. It’s beyond alarming, it’s downright ridiculous that the regime of Milorad Dodik seems to have cozy relationships with Putin and Orban, yet they can’t be bothered to lift a finger to find and punish the killers of David Dragičević. It’s clear as day that the regime is more concerned with covering their own tracks and protecting the murderers of David Dragičević than they are with bringing them to justice. The Rich TVX News Network believes that the Milorad Dodik regime in Republika Srpska made a fatal mistake in underestimating the power of the exhumation and reburial of David Dragičević. They failed to recognize the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of the case and the power it holds. This has led to David being transformed into a Christ-like figure and a symbol of suffering. This, along with the EU’s failure to bring the perpetrators to justice, will make it difficult for the regime to hold on to power. The Rich TVX News Network calls on the EU to take action and hold those responsible accountable, and for the regime to finally bring justice to the Dragičević family and the public.


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Pravda Za Davida – Davor Dragičević´s Fight Against Milorad Dodik Regime

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