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Thanks to the U.S. Department of State, Aleksandar Vučić is probably the world's most notorious tyrant

Atlantic Council Conversation With The Notorious Dictator Aleksandar Vučić

And with such a brutal dictator, the Atlantic Council would like to have a chat?

Atlantic Council Conversation With The Notorious Dictator Aleksandar Vučić

NEW YORK ( – Do you remember the Atlantic Council? According to their most amusing, entertaining and varied website, the Atlantic Council is a nonpartisan organization that galvanizes US global leadership and engagement in partnership with allies and partners, provoking laughter at the Rich TVX News Network. We almost broke down laughing when the highly entertaining Atlantic Council, a bunch of mischievous little blobs revealed A conversation with Serbian Dictator and War Criminal Aleksandar Vučić. “There he is! The war criminal! You might as well stamp Hitler on your forehead!” Aleksandar Vučić is the next Hitler, the dictator of Serbia who will continue to torment the United States for years to come. In an atmosphere of murmuring intrigue and Fascist-style public pronouncements, last summer, the Serbian tyrant Aleksandar Vučić had to call in riot police, and tear gas to put down mass demonstrations against his rule. He could not have done this at a worse time. The crowd on the streets in Belgrade chanted a ditty threatening Vučić with the fate of the late dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who transformed Libya into a new socialist state called a Jamahiriya (“state of the masses”). Hitler and Muammar Gaddafi were responsible for the deaths of their own subjects. Not since the pro Austro-Hungarian King Alexander and Queen Draga were assassinated in 1903 by the Black Hand had the Serbs regarded their dictator with such bitter and ineradicable hatred. The Aleksandar Vučić kleptocracy is a fascist regime, only in this case it is not aimed at an enemy outside, but at the Serbian population within.

Vuk Jovanović Death Was Kept Hidden From The Public


Daško Milinović Is In The Hospital After Being Beaten By Unidentified Assailants

The Vučić regime regulates every aspect of life in Serbia. Workers have to join the SNS Party, but receive free holidays, recreation and, most importantly, jobs. Aleksandar Vučić has no superior, and there is no appeal against him. The only alternative to obedience is imprisonment or death. The Serbian broadcast journalist Daško Milinović is in the hospital after being beaten by unidentified assailants in the northern city of Novi Sad, the latest in a string of attacks against media workers in Serbia. We wish Daško Milinović a speedy recovery. Murders of the high ranked politician Vladimir Cvijan and human rights activist Vuk Jovanović any many others were covered up for years. Vladimir Cvijan´s head was repeatedly smashed with a baseball bat in a “brutal, cowardly” and politically motivated murder. The criminal Vučić regime tried also to kill Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party in Serbia, who is traded as Serbia´s neext president. And with such a brutal dictator, who has blood on his hands, while Serbia is slowly dying, the Atlantic Council would like to have a chat? Oh really? About what? Most tyrants like Aleksandar Vučić do not make very appealing or comfortable company. The Atlantic Council is forsaken by all good spirits, a bunch of unsuspecting dreamers. This organization, which has nothing to do with America, should be dissolved immediately by Biden´s executive order. Reporters Without Borders ranks Serbia at 93 out of 180 countries. In its 2020 Freedom in the World Report, the Freedom House said the government has “steadily eroded political rights and civil liberties, putting pressure on independent media, the political opposition and civil society organizations.” Some tyrants displayed extremely peculiar behaviour. Aleksandar Vučić´s propaganda machinery had already begun to prepare the Serbian population for the coming showdown with the Kosovo and Bosnia. The Rich TVX News Network paints a disturbing portrait of a cunning politician, a warning to the dictator Aleksandar Vučić that he might be arrested one day for his actions as Serbia’s leader. Aleksandar Vučić´s speeches are almost embarrassing in its coldness, with not a breath of spontaneous feeling in the words. No wonder, the dictator describes himself as a hologram, maybe one day the psychiatry will have an explanation for it. And now back to the Atlantic Council. This is another of Vučić´s paid conversations with the Atlantic Council a bunch of hapless anyway, whose setting is in the same wild and mysterious and remote part of the Washington, DC wilderness, whose characters have the same colourful charm and pathetic appeal—another senseless conversation of the enchanted Atlantic Council from the valley of the unsuspecting. But in the Atlantic Council HQ, a bunch of over-sized posers, the bad actors are real, as is every rattlesnake. This is not fiction, but fact. The Rich TVX News Network was exposed to a malicious attack by the Atlantic Council a few years ago but these cowards hid behind their kiss-ass partner Jack Dorsey at the time. Thanks to the U.S. Department of State, Aleksandar Vučić is probably the world’s most notorious tyrant. The criminal Vučić regime is also condemned by the European Parliament. If you are interested in the donors of the Atlantic Council, please read here.

Aleksandar Vučić — “The Heart Of Darkness,” “An Evil Dictator,” “Europe’s New Hitler”

When you arrive at the Atlantic Council HQ, it is apparent that something has gone wrong and that they are living a double life. Nothing could ever look as tasty as questions like the following one: “How do you respond to charges that you murdered innocent people in Sarajevo in 1992, at the front of the Jewish cemetery and should be tried as a war criminal?” only this question should be asked to the oppressive dictator Aleksandar Vučić by the Atlantic Council. The international outcast Aleksandar Vučić was there in 1992, together with special paramilitary division of the most terrible criminals. Should the sarcastic dictator Aleksandar Vučić have gaps in his memory, the Atlantic Council can contact Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party in Serbia, his extensive evidence will help the dictator to remember for sure. Enraged world leaders and international news outlets refer to Aleksandar Vučić in the starkest terms— “the heart of darkness,” “an evil dictator,” “Europe’s new Hitler.”  A wealth of fancy kicks and punches towards the fake democrat Aleksandar Vučić are immediately accessible for the Atlantic Council conversation with Serbian tyrant Aleksandar Vučić from the current leader of the Serbian opposition Nikola Sandulović, and the Republican Party in Serbia, while hardened pugilists will enjoy a secondary range of equally impressive projectile questions. Nikola Sandulović´s fight against the criminal Aleksandar Vučić regime. It is the fight of all decent people in Serbia who prefer truth to lies. It is the fight of all Serbs who cry ‘Freedom’, and who are not afraid to die.

The Current Leader Of The Serbian Opposition Nikola Sandulović

The Clown Dictator Describes Himself As A Hologram

It Is The Fight Of All Serbs Who Cry ‘Freedom’, And Who Are Not Afraid To Die

Aleksandar Vučić rose from humble origins, worked as journalist and became a Serbian politician. Vučić created the Fascist Party Serbian Progressive Party. He transformed Serbia into a one-party dictatorship. Aleksandar Vučić is a master of propaganda. Vučić is fatally convinced that he is always right and blindly follows Xi Jinping. But we are again on the eve of 1991, tempered by defeat in the 1990s Balkan Wars and diplomacy Serbia should take normally a step backwards, but that does not apply to the tyrant, as Aleksandar Vučić has started invoking nationalism again with submerging ethnic hatreds. Aleksandar Vučić has legitimized the venting of Serb ethnic grievances against the Albanian majority in Kosovo, and Vučić will not shied from fomenting wars and double-crossing enemies and allies alike in his ruthless pursuit of power. The good news is that Aleksandar Vučić can no longer take a walk in the streets of Belgrade: Vučić is hated dictator now. His political allies, while ostensibly still in Vučić ‘s corner, are secretly plotting against the dictator Vučić, who adopted the lifestyle of Josip Broz, commonly known as Tito, a Yugoslav communist revolutionary and statesman and his royal predecessors and once again to resort brutal repression. But an increasing number of criminal figures in the Vučić cartel have begun preparing about the pressing need to liberate themselves from the dead hand of Aleksandar Vučić, a trend that could lead to the tottering Vučić regime’s self-destruction, a crumbling from within. Many other members of the Serbian Progressive Party, a populist political party in Serbia which has been the ruling party since 2012, are in the same situation. Aleksandar Vučić ‘s attention is momentarily distracted by events at home. Riots rock central Belgrade as demonstrators took to the streets to protest COVID-19 restrictions in Serbia put in place by the regime to curb community spread of the COVID-19 virus. They also demanded the reopening of businesses closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Serbia is unstable and that anger against the regime is welling up beneath the surface.

Vladimir Cvijan´s Head Was Repeatedly Smashed With A Baseball Bat In A “Brutal, Cowardly” And Politically Motivated Murder

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