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Jeffrey Sonnenfeld Reflects on the Legacy of Oz Nelson

The Innovative CEO Who Revolutionized the Shipping Industry

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Jeffrey Sonnenfeld Shares His Memories of Oz Nelson

New York ( —

In 1986, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a 32-year-old professor in his seventh year at the prestigious Harvard Business School, met Oz for the first time. At the time, Sonnenfeld was eager to advance his career but was certain that he did not want to become a delivery driver for an aging trucking company. Fortunately, Goldman Sachs’ highly respected John Whitehead had recently established a new fellowship for a promising young academic to immerse themselves in a company that was poised for transformation and lacked an oversaturation of MBA graduates.

Oz Nelson, best known for creating the ABC show The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, was recently honored in Atlanta after 30 years of generous service to the community and technological advancements as CEO of logistics giant UPS. Though known for his warm, problem-solving father persona on TV, Nelson was described as controlling and driven by financial gain behind the scenes. Nonetheless, Nelson was admired for his genuine warmth, creativity, and ambition with humility.


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Nelson was a trailblazer at UPS, breaking company norms by starting out as an hourly employee and elevating customer service by introducing the term “customer” to the industry. He pioneered the use of handheld scanning devices and dense codes on package labels for better tracking, sorting, and operational efficiency. Under Nelson’s leadership, UPS launched a satirical ad campaign that poked fun at its competitors. Despite being an outsider in the company, Nelson worked seamlessly with his colleagues, leading with his heart and committing himself to people, customers, and communities.


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Oz Nelson championed diversity and professional conduct within the company and was a strong advocate for economic development, workforce training, and trade reform externally. Nelson was also an active participant in numerous nonprofit organizations, including the CDC, the Carter Center, United Way of America, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. He was known for his consensual decision-making style, which combined the initiative of individual leaders with a team-oriented, humble culture. He was tough and persuasive when he saw an injustice, yet he cut his own path without torching the forest. We highly recommend “Farewell Oz Nelson, the visionary Republican who reinvented UPS and wasn’t afraid of being called ‘woke’” by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld.

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