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Dubai Becomes a Safe Haven for Russian Oligarchs Fleeing Sanctions and Conscription, The New York Times Reports

The New York Times Details the City's Rise as a Safe Haven for Russian Oligarchs

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The Kubera Principle

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Dubai’s Larger-Than-Life Ruler


New York ( — As frequent visitors and former residents of Dubai, we personally believe that the city is a magical place. In our opinion, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has demonstrated an attractive and effective way of wielding power, and his leadership has been an inspiration to the world. The New York Times has published a report detailing the surprising transformation of Dubai into a safe haven for Russian oligarchs fleeing Western sanctions and conscription into the Russian army. The article notes that Dubai’s authoritarian monarchy effectively bans protests, and local residents are generally not vocal about their feelings toward Russia. As a result, wealthy Russians in Dubai can enjoy a sense of security and isolation from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, while also taking advantage of the country’s safe investment opportunities and direct flights from Russia. The report describes how the Russian language is becoming increasingly prevalent in Dubai, and how Russian oligarchs are vacationing at exclusive resorts, opening restaurants and doing business in the country. The article also notes that Russian citizens made 1.2 million trips to Dubai in 2022, and were the largest group of non-resident property buyers in the country.

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