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13-Minute News Hour with Bobby Eberle – Facebook SHUTS DOWN Pro-Police Ad 8/2/21

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Facebook is at it again. Big tech and all the leading digital platforms are out of control with their overt censorship of conservatives and their Orwellian push to silence dissenting opinion. By claiming the “misinformation” is some kind of digital cancer, Facebook and the other big tech companies are shutting down free speech.

Facebook recently prohibited a pro-police post from being boosted, because Facebook said the post was political and dealt with “sensitive social issues.” The post focused on neither. What can be done about big tech?

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⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:41 Facebook rejects post honoring police officer
5:10 Kinzinger: Trump supporters aren’t real Americans
8:50 Senate poised to vote on infrastructure deal
13:06 Larry Elder makes case to recall Newsom

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Welcome to the 13-Minute News Hour hosted by Bobby Eberle. This show contains a combination of news, culture, and current events… all the things that interest Bobby and hopefully interest you as well. Bobby’s experiences in politics, engineering, and sports help form the content and his perspective. Please jump in and leave comments and encourage your friends to subscribe. (13-minute run time is approximate) 🙂


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