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Exploring the Spiritual Aspect of the David Dragičević Case – Pravda Za Davida

David Dragičević's Case: A Spiritual Transformation

A Moment of Remembrance


Pravda Za Davida

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A Disappearance Shrouded in Mystery

On March 18, 2018, a harrowing incident unfolded in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as 21-year-old David Dragičević mysteriously disappeared. The disturbing sequence of events reached a devastating climax on March 24 when his lifeless body was discovered. The initial findings of a questionable police investigation attributed the young man’s death to a tragic accident. In stark contrast, David Dragičević’s grieving parents vehemently contended that their son had fallen victim to a brutal murder. They further alleged complicity in a cover-up operation involving the police, operating under the shadow of the highly criminal Milorad Dodik regime, and the prosecutor’s office.


Mass Protests and Controversy

The revelation of the investigation’s findings reverberated across the public, sparking widespread outrage and protest. Large-scale demonstrations erupted, with a resounding demand for justice and truth, aimed squarely at the bloodthirsty Serb tyrant Milorad Dodik. The prevailing sentiment among the masses remained unwavering: they firmly believed that David Dragičević had met a deliberate and violent end, a stark contrast to the official narrative. Subsequently, the National Assembly of Republika Srpska took a crucial step by voting to establish an Inquiry Board tasked with scrutinizing the circumstances surrounding David Dragičević’s tragic death. The Board’s meticulous examination led them to a troubling conclusion: the young man had likely been a victim of murder. Regrettably, this pivotal report faced a disheartening fate when it was rejected by the Assembly.


The Reign of Milorad Dodik

To this day, the perpetrators of David Dragičević’s murder roam freely through the blood-stained streets of Banja Luka, a city that was once beautiful but now bears the curse of the Milorad Dodik regime’s actions. Under the protection of this regime, the drug trade thrives, and corruption knows no bounds. Many young people yearn to escape this plight and never return. The criminals surrounding Milorad Dodik revel in their misdeeds, believing that by silencing David Dragičević and suppressing the Pravda Za Davida movement, they have solved their problems. Little do these murderers know that justice will persist.


Pravda Za Davida

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A Spiritual Transformation

The events that transpired four years ago, involving the exhumation and subsequent funeral of David Dragičević, can only be described as extraordinary, propelling his case into uncharted territory. This phenomenon transcends the realm of conventional protests, venturing deep into the sphere of spirituality with an extraordinary and unmatched force. What was once a criminal case, marked by a tragic and somber conclusion, has now transcended the confines of the earthly realm to enter the domain of metaphysics. It has evolved into a metaphysical case that defies any precedent we have ever witnessed. Milorad Dodik, much like David in the afterlife, experiences troubled and restless nights, unable to find solace. His burden of sins is immense, extending beyond his failures as a leader, father, and even as a human being. The day he was born in Banja Luka seems to have cast a dark shadow, mirroring the darkness that envelops his soul—a sentiment echoed by the victims of his regime.


David Dragičević Rises

In this transformative process, David Dragičević has assumed a Christ-like stature, evolving into an archangel and an iconic figure within history and myth. He has emerged as the patron saint of the Serbian people, bearing the collective suffering of his people. Similar to the betrayal of Jesus Christ by his own, David Dragičević too met betrayal at the hands of his own people. Notably, his tragic murder by a fellow Serb adds another layer of significance, resonating with the historical betrayals endured by the Serbian nation. It is believed that David Dragičević was sent to this world to bear the burdens of all Serbian Judases throughout history. Through his suffering and ultimate salvation, a process of reconciliation is envisioned.


David Dragičević’s Spiritual Ascension

David Dragičević’s narrative extends far beyond his funeral; instead, it signifies the commencement of a profoundly transformative journey. While he found his physical resting place, his essence has transcended into the spiritual realm, breaking free from the constraints of the earthly domain. His corporeal existence has undergone a metamorphosis into radiant light, dispelling the shadows that once enshrouded his case. In essence, David Dragičević has attained a state of spiritual rebirth and ascension. The Rich TVX News Network takes pride in its visit to David’s grave many years ago. It was a somber experience, recognizing that David had yet to find peace. However, we firmly believe that peace will eventually prevail. Nothing endures indefinitely, not even the cursed reign of the criminal Milorad Dodik regime.

Pravda Za Davida


Visit to David Dragičević’s Grave