The Joe Cozzo Show – Capitalism And The American Dream Fly Into Space 7/20/21

Today we witnessed history, as Jeff Bezos fulfilled his childhood dreams by flying into space. That dream would never have become a reality if it weren’t for this great country built
on capitalism.

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  • Space pancake 🤤

  • Singing the praises of a left wing radical nut like Bezos? You are a fraud Joe Cozzo

  • The landing on LAND was WAY too hard, would’ve injured all of them

  • Why didn’t they show inside craft? The Branson’s feed broke up but they had no oxygen and showed no g force effect, they have to train heavily for that. They showed a couple seconds of weightless like in that stall plane. This is phony as hell

  • These clowns didn’t build those businesses, Zuckerberg sure didn’t. They use our taxes and then screw everybody else and we get nothing back

  • You're praising Jeff Bezos of all people? And capitalism did not build America. Yes, it played a role, but it didn't 'build' America. It was combination of different factors that did so, and capitalism is only one of those factors.

  • Who gives a shit he took his son to the universe? I do not! America is falling apart because of that old corrupt idiot in the White House and you are beginning your podcast with such stupid topic! Really?


  • Watch "Aaron Lewis – Am I The Only One (Lyric Video)" on YouTube

  • So, praise someone that is using capitalism that has openly shut down people practicing capitalism? 🙄

  • news, 24/07/21 throughout France demonstration against gouvernement dictatorship our media does not relay the truth about the extent of the uprising.

  • No way not till it's had enough flights . more thane 15

  • Screw Bezos. And his rocket.

  • Unsubscribing, space is useless, pointless, and expensive!

  • A total waste, that’s all. I’m so surprised at your point of view.

  • Many fret over the Chinese eventually overtaking the United States in space exploration, yesterday's flight was another big forgetaboutit.

  • And no i don't respect "alleged" pedophiles.

  • I am pleased certain persons are "leaving" our reality. Bezos has no business in our humanity.

  • Ok so New York Post whose sworn enemy Twitter blocked them for exposing Hunter and Biden is Progressive for this nut job and Bezos who single handedly took out Parlor support silencing conservative voice for good cause of his woke left agenda is respectable for this same nut job. You either think we are fools? Or you are surely a double agent. Deep throat

  • Doesn't matter if he started from nothing what matters is his character he has no morality he can stay in space this one way ticket
    While we concentrate on the audits

  • They're not actually going to space. It's a hoax. Jeff Bezos is not going to risk his life.

  • He didn't go to space he experienced micro gravity for a few seconds its all hype. ask yourself this why has no other country put a man on the moon and why haven't we done so since 1970 allegedly? Oh but now we r going to send people to mars. Get ready for the grand deception probably alien disclosure people. Jesus Christ is coming back soon, repent from your sins ask for forgiveness and believe in Jesus , the mark of the beast is being prepped make sure no man decieves you.

  • 54:17 The punchline you were looking for was that they’ll return with six "cases."

  • Camels can travel through the eye of a needle, ….I think I’d get more of a “high” helping the needy, but hey, who am I

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