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The Myth of Slavic Unity: Putin’s Justification for War

The Fallacy of Putin's Russian world


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The Myth of Slavic Unity: Putin’s Justification for War

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — The Russian invasion of Ukraine is being conducted under the guise of Slavic unity, with Putin’s “Russian world” claiming to lead the “Slavic brotherhood” and guide it in history. Russia sees itself as the “elder brother” and the vanguard of the Slavs in its struggle for civilizational independence from the West. The center of Slavic power, according to this ideology, is the Russian-Ukrainian-Belarusian cultural and ethnic community. However, this idea is flawed, as Putin’s ideologists themselves acknowledge that the claim of the “Russian world” to act on behalf of the entire Slavic community is untenable. The true motives behind the invasion are rooted in Putin’s desire for power and control, and his belief that Ukraine has strayed from its historical path. The war is a clear display of Putin’s disregard for law and human rights, and represents a step backwards for Russia and the Slavic world. There is a proposed bill to introduce an electronic queue system for crossing Russian borders by car. The bill, which was introduced in August 2022 and is set for its second reading in February, is reportedly a business project being pushed by individuals with close ties to powerful figures in the government. The bill, if passed, would only apply to trucks and aims to alleviate traffic congestion at border crossings. However, the true motives and beneficiaries behind the bill remain unclear.

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