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From the Kremlin to the streets: How the criminalization of Russia is spreading

The new trend of tribalization in Russia: What it means for the future of the nation


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From the Kremlin to the streets: How the criminalization of Russia is spreading

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — Wow, Russia, you really know how to impress. From communism to pure chaos, it’s like you’re trying to outdo yourself in the art of corruption. Now, the real power players are not politicians, but armed groups run by barbarians and evil chefs. They make their own rules and call the shots, while the ruling class is brainwashed by their criminal consciousness. But don’t worry, the politicians are not far behind, they too join the game by threatening their colleagues with the Evil chef’s hammer for taking a vacation. It’s a badge of honor among the ruling party to receive a sledgehammer named after Putin’s cook. And let’s not forget about Medvedev’s proposal to punish traitors according to wartime laws, because who needs the Constitution or justice when you have the Evil chef’s gavel as the symbol of “justice”. Bandits and murderers have clear horizons of power, and even a “Hangar maniac” can have good political prospects. And let’s not forget Russia is going through a phase of tribalization, leading to the collapse of the empire. The Africanization of Russia is the key to the survival of individual clans in post-empire Russia, a true beast of a country.

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