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Putin’s Mafia Clique Shines with Subservience to Comrade Xi

The Rise and Fall of Putin: From Sovereignty Games to the Common Destiny of Mankind

The Kubera Principle

The Kubera Principle

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From Emperor to Overseer of a Zone

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Vladimir Putin’s initiation of war has resulted in a significant reduction of his power and authority. He now seeks refuge behind the greatness of others, appearing to relish his vassal-like role. This attitude is also evident among his entire criminal and pathetic mafia clique, as observed in recent photographs of their meeting with Comrade Xi in Moscow. Russia’s perestroika era and games of sovereign democracy have now ended officially. The country has joined the community of the common destiny of mankind, which was proposed by Comrade Xi in 2012 and forms the foundation of China’s foreign policy. Vladimir Putin spurned the ideals of an open society championed by the West, including peace, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law. Instead, he sought to establish an alternative center of power, but failed to present anything compelling to the world beyond a mafia state model. Consequently, he has been relegated to the fringes of world politics, and is even subject to an ICC warrant for criminal activity. Thus, he has turned to a friendly totalitarian regime, placing his country and its people under its wing. He aimed to be an emperor but has settled for the role of an overseer of a zone.

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China’s dictator Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Russia has raised concerns about a potential power struggle between Beijing and Washington over the post-war structure of Moscow. Xi’s visit appeared to demonstrate China’s support for the current Russian regime, despite its ongoing conflict with Ukraine. This approach may not be well received by Western partners who advocate for democratic values in the Kremlin. China’s support for Russia could lead to increased dependence on China, as Russia sells its raw materials to its neighbor at low prices. Xi Jinping also expressed support for Putin’s bid for a fifth term, which could further consolidate the current regime’s hold on power. For the United States, separating Russia and China has long been a priority, and it tried to organize a summit in Geneva in 2021 to improve relations with Moscow. However, this effort failed. With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, many analysts believe that Washington is now trying to negotiate with China over the post-war structure of Moscow and the fate of its leader. As Ukraine strives for victory over Russia, the US may use new sanctions and international tribunals to pressure the Kremlin and support the rise of a pro-Western leader. The West views China’s support of the current Russian regime as a new and serious challenge, and some experts predict a new Cold War. Nonetheless, they believe that this will ultimately assist the West in winning the actual battle on the battlefield.

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