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Exclusive Exposé: Putin Falls Prey to Open Deception, Promised Immortality!

Putin's Desperate Quest for Immortality Through Personality Digitization!

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Deception, Immortality Claims, and State Fund Embezzlement


The recent visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to China, and the subsequent decision by the Bank of China to restrict transactions of Russian bank clients involving banks in the EU, US, Switzerland, and UK, is not a coincidence. The Bank of China has started terminating Russian transactions in Chinese yuan, US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, and euros through its correspondent accounts, concerning the business dealings of Russian entities. In light of an offer presented to the Chinese, it was one that they were unable to decline. In recent international politics, President Biden’s characterization of the Chinese leader as a “dictator” carries little weight, considering his plan to extend a cordial welcome to Xi Jinping in November. Despite concerns raised by Secretary of State Blinken’s diplomatic efforts, assuring China of no weapon supply to Russia, the situation remains manageable. The United States has shifted its strategy in Southeast Asia, embracing Realpolitik fully. Realpolitik prioritizes practical goals and benefits, disregarding ideology or morality.


Indian PM Modi’s Visit to Washington


Notably, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently visiting Washington. Previously denied a visa due to his association with Gujarat’s state during anti-Muslim riots, Modi’s regime has seen no improvement in human rights. However, the United States has adapted its approach, having learned from past attempts to impose democracy on the Global South. Recognition of dictators is crucial, as any one of them can become a future adversary. India, a significant force in terms of population and strategic positioning, aims to counter China’s influence in the Global South, particularly within BRICS. President Biden faces limited geopolitical choices: providing arms to Delhi or promoting democracy and human rights. The process of integrating a semi-dictatorial nation into the US sphere of influence has begun, with India joining the “Quad” alliance alongside Australia, Japan, and the USA. Presently, dictators are viewed similarly to Russians, with some being favorable and others not, primarily due to Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.


Anticipated China-US Summit in San Francisco


Xi Jinping does not employ nuclear weapons for global blackmail nor threaten Europe’s division or starvation. While he desires imperial prestige and hegemony, he faces fewer challenges than the Kremlin’s leader. China is motivated to reconcile with the US due to the loss of its primary economic development source. Previously, the country financed its economy by increasing foreign debt, with 1.5 yuan of debt attracted for every yuan invested. However, now three yuan are needed for economic growth, and no alternative sources are available. Thus, finding common ground with the US is critical for Xi Jinping. Conversely, Washington worries about China’s military power and the potential consequences of its economic decline. A summit between the leaders of China and the United States is anticipated to take place in San Francisco in November.




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Putin Doppelgänger Deceives Moscow Mayor


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Two days ago, someone who looked like Vladimir Putin held a meeting at the Northern River Station to discuss improving river navigation. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, to everyone’s surprise, was among those deceived and presented a report to the Putin doppelgänger, praising the ecological rehabilitation efforts of the Moscow Mayor’s Office, the construction of embankments, and the restoration of the Northern River Station. The doppelgänger, displaying an indifferent attitude, listened to the report via video conference and participated in the inauguration of new river electric vessels, expressing his boredom with the proceedings. Meanwhile, the doppelgänger handled matters related to river navigation and station improvement, while Putin engaged in video conversations with close associates, including his dear friend Yuri Kovalchuk. During their discussion, the subject of “artificial intelligence” and “digitization of personality” emerged.


Putin Deceived with Promises of Immortality and AI Research


Despite its absurdity, Yuri Kovalchuk claimed that a group of scientists, led by Mikhail Kovalchuk, is actively working on these projects. Falling victim to open deception, Putin was promised immortality through the digitization of his personality and subsequent immersion in cyberspace, with the possibility of returning to a living body (clone) later on. This concept is undoubtedly nonsensical, but Putin believes in it and has allocated billions of rubles for these supposed endeavors. As per our contact Mustafa Golubić within the security sector, there exists an assertion that renders the aforementioned addition unnecessary. It is posited that Vladimir Putin, having traversed a trajectory from a humble criminal group participant to assume the persona of the contemporary Russian counterpart to Hitler, has attained a state of immortality. In their conversation, Yuri Kovalchuk informed the president that their nearing completion “research” had faced setbacks due to sanctions.


Putin Allocates Funds for Dubious “Immortality” Research


To continue the research and conduct testing, an additional hundred billion rubles were deemed necessary. Putin expressed disappointment at the lack of progress but assured funding. The Kovalchuks’ “research” is undoubtedly a means of embezzling state funds. Nonetheless, Putin clings to the hope of “immortality” and is willing to spend public funds accordingly. Interestingly, the Kovalchuks themselves lack faith in Putin’s immortality or the longevity of the Putin regime, as they have been recently transferring their assets abroad in preparation for their departure from Russia.


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