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Putin’s Most Favorite Puppet Elon Musk Declares Himself World’s Newest Geopolitical Guru

Experts Everywhere Quake in Fear!

Putin’s Puppet

Putin’s apparently recruited a teeny-tiny Elon Musk puppet as his trusty “emotional support” sidekick for dealing with all things Western! Seriously, who could’ve predicted that one? It’s like a plot twist in a sitcom that nobody saw coming – move over, Netflix! Now, owning one of those non-Russian oligarchs as a puppet suddenly doesn’t seem so frivolous. It’s gone from “Why would you even bother?” to “Well, that’s one of us!” And don’t even get us started on those Russian oligarchs who are about as subtle as a bull in a china shop – they’re basically Putin’s personal agents, turning puppetry into a full-blown Broadway performance! Talk about pulling the strings of power! In our latest Rich TVX bulletin, we pay tribute to the ‘ultimate pro-Russian puppet.’ Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s presence seems ubiquitous in recent times.

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Geopolitical Guru?

We’ve got Elon Musk, the self-proclaimed billionaire, you know, the guy with a penchant for electric cars and rocket ships, now he’s apparently our geopolitical expert too! Who would’ve thought? Apparently, he thinks there’s a whole lot of lives being lost over there for what he calls ‘minor territorial gains.’ Now, where did he get this insight, you ask? Well, it all started when an economist named David Sacks posted a map showing Ukraine’s so-called ‘much-vaunted counteroffensive,’ and Elon, being Elon, chimed in. He said, ‘So much death for so little territory.’ But this isn’t the first time Elon’s weighed in on this matter. He previously called for a ‘truce’ between Ukraine and Russia, saying that every day, more young folks from both sides are biting the dust just to shuffle around some borders that you can barely see on a map. And guess what? After Elon’s comments, Russia’s tyrant Putin had some kind words for him. He called Elon ‘talented’ and ‘outstanding.’ Now, if that’s not an endorsement, we don’t know what is!

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