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Mossad’s Involvement in Anti-Government Protests in Israel Sparks Controversy

Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad Allegedly Supports Anti-Government Protests

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The Kubera Principle

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Mossad’s Alleged Role in Israeli Protests


New York ( —

Recently disclosed Pentagon documents imply that Israeli intelligence, the Mossad, may have offered assistance, or even initiated, the anti-government protests that have rocked Israel for the previous fourteen weeks.

It is indeed plausible that the Mossad does not explicitly prohibit its staff from engaging in protests. Nevertheless, this fact should instill a sense of pride among citizens in their esteemed intelligence services. In contemporary Israel, abstaining from political engagement connotes opposition to democracy. It implies being a passive bystander on a train hurtling downhill rather than aiding in steering it back on course.

As one of the world’s foremost intelligence services, the Mossad cannot afford to remain apolitical. In contrast to autocratic regimes, Israeli intelligence and the military safeguard citizens against the arbitrary actions of politicians and do not condone illegal activities of those in power by repressing the populace.

Therefore, we discern no impropriety in Israeli intelligence agents joining ordinary Israelis in their public demonstrations, as both parties are invested in the country’s future.


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