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USA Shifts Focus to China’s Cold War 2.0 as Beijing’s Grand Scheme Unfolds

British Government's New Approach to Ukrainian Crisis

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The Most Dangerous Fool in the World

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The UK government has adopted a new approach to the “Ukrainian question,” involving the provision of long-range missiles and discussions on aircraft. This marks the first time that Great Britain openly acknowledges the complexity of resolving the issue posed by Putin. The New York Times refers to the individual in the bunker as “the most dangerous fool in the world.” The British emphasize that this fool’s conflict with Ukraine will endure for several years unless the West addresses the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Notably, the UK government is supplying Storm Shadow long-range missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces for “internal use” within Ukraine’s borders. Despite these restrictions, these weapons will enable Ukraine to demonstrate its unwavering stance against the occupiers, potentially altering the course of the war through targeting strategic locations such as the Crimean Bridge, logistics centers, and command centers.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace conveyed a letter to Shoigu in December, warning that continued attacks by Moscow on Ukrainian infrastructure would result in the provision of more powerful weaponry to Kyiv. The British caution their European counterparts that the current arsenal provided to Ukraine is inadequate. Former head of the Joint Command of the British Armed Forces, General Richard Barrons, asserts that while the counteroffensive may be strong and effective, it will not completely drive out Russian forces from Ukraine. A likely outcome is a protracted stalemate, necessitating Western support in the form of modern fighter jets to secure Ukraine’s victory. Without comprehensive support, the war could persist for 2-3 years.

It is worth mentioning that 78% of the assistance to Ukraine comes from NATO allies outside the European Union, as reported by The Telegraph. The British publication also expresses optimism, highlighting that the conflict in Ukraine diverges from previous encounters, as the Ukrainian Armed Forces employ innovative warfare techniques. The long-term consequences for Russia are expected to be devastating. In contrast, the United States has not abandoned Ukraine but has redirected its attention to the Cold War 2.0 initiated by China’s leader, referred to as the “Emperor.”

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While we will address Xi Jinping’s aspirations as a “militarist Santa Claus” separately, it is evident that the tensions surrounding Taiwan and Russia’s conflict with Ukraine are merely fragments of Beijing’s grand scheme against the civilized world. Washington must respond accordingly. By opposing China’s series of defeats, the USA aims to assume the role of the “good cop” temporarily, while Britain, its closest ally, acts independently. Vladimir Putin, facing a perplexing issue, engaged in multiple video conferencing consultations. His recent encounter with Lukashenko revealed Putin’s inadequate understanding of the latter’s serious health condition. Putin believed Lukashenko’s illness was often used as a pretext to avoid visits or phone calls—a skillful deception by the cunning Lukashenko, except for Putin himself. However, this time, Putin was genuinely astonished by the gravity of the situation.


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Lukashenko’s potential imminent death poses a significant predicament for Putin, fearing the loss of control over Belarus and its departure from his sphere of influence. Putin concluded that complete assimilation of Belarus into the Russian Federation is the only viable option after Lukashenko’s demise. He rejects any successor appointed by Lukashenko and insists on strict control over his sons. Putin emphasizes the need to guarantee security, status, and assets for Belarusian law enforcement officers and their subsequent redistribution to Russian regions.

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Putin wryly expressed amusement at the notion of outliving Lukashenko. Recently, Putin personally experienced difficulties conducting a meeting with leaders of the military bloc; he terminated the connection after listening to an incomplete report. In the evening, Putin once again complained of debilitation, vertigo, abdominal discomfort, and nausea. Unfortunately, the treatment has not produced the desired effects, as anticipated by the medical professionals.


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