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Breaking News Alert: NATO debates supplying jet fighters to Ukraine

Jet fighters take center stage in escalating Ukraine conflict


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Breaking News Alert: NATO debates supplying jet fighters to Ukraine

NEW YORK ( — The Kremlin has stated that Western tank deliveries constitute “direct involvement” in the Ukraine conflict. According to Politico, sources have revealed that discussions have begun on the sidelines of NATO regarding the supply of jet fighters to Ukraine. The publication suggests that, following the decision to send American Abrams and German Leopards, strengthening Ukrainian aviation is the next logical step. Baltic states are reportedly at the forefront of these negotiations. However, insiders predict that the debate over fighter jet deliveries will be even more contentious than the previous tank delivery disputes. Despite this, sources have revealed to Politico that governments are no longer ruling out the possibility of supplying weapons to Ukraine, although the risk of escalation remains. According to an unnamed diplomat in Washington, allies have already crossed several red lines that could potentially escalate the conflict. The diplomat stated that while the possibility of fighter jet deliveries was once unthinkable, it could be under consideration in the near future. A representative of EU authorities also confirmed this to the publication.

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