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Breaking News: U.S. Support Shapes Ukraine’s Development

Ukraine Pursues New Security Measures with U.S.-Led Partnership

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Ukraine’s Geopolitical Success

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Ukraine is pursuing a non-NATO approach to enhance its security, according to Polish President Andrzej Duda in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. While NATO remains cautious about direct confrontation with Russia, influential countries are working to help Ukraine avoid potential conflict with the Kremlin. The United States, along with Great Britain, Germany, and France, plans to take on the primary responsibility for ensuring Ukraine’s security, inspired by their existing agreement with Israel. The “Kyiv Security Treaty,” expected to be signed after the July NATO summit in Vilnius, aims to erode any hope within the Putin regime that support for Ukraine will diminish over time. While the treaty doesn’t exclude Ukraine’s future NATO membership, current NATO members are wary of provoking direct conflict with Russia. Specific details of the agreement have not been made public, but it is expected to be binding and highlight the importance of commitments made. Drawing on Israel as a precedent, the United States recognizes major non-NATO allies, fostering strong strategic and military ties beyond the NATO alliance. This alliance involves joint defense initiatives, military research cooperation, counter-terrorism efforts, limited arms supply, and potential joint space projects.

Israel has received substantial financial support from the United States, initially amounting to $3 billion annually and recently increased to $3.8 billion, earmarked specifically for procuring American weaponry. Additionally, the two countries regularly engage in joint military exercises and exchange intelligence information. If President Duda’s remarks accurately reflect the situation, Ukraine’s diplomatic efforts with Western partners can be seen as a geopolitical success. While the specifics of the agreement are yet to be revealed, the prospect of an agreement resembling the one between the United States and Israel is noteworthy. It is crucial to acknowledge that U.S. support has played a pivotal role in shaping Ukraine’s development, extending beyond military implications.

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Belgorod region is witnessing significant events as residents seek a peacekeeping operation to protect Ukrainian lands from Kremlin atrocities. Imperial units have targeted civilians with bombings, leading to Graivoron becoming the temporary capital of the Belgorod People’s Republic. Ukraine is pursuing a diplomatic resolution that necessitates the withdrawal of Moscow’s troops. The Chisinau Agreement and a referendum supervised by Svoboda Rossii peacekeepers are planned. Lustration aims to remove Putin regime affiliates, with elections appointing Dmytro Yarosh. Amnesty is suggested for the embezzling governor of Belgorod Oblast. While the ideal scenario cannot be implemented now, detailed plans and preparations lay the groundwork for future success. Recently, Vladimir Putin held meetings with key officials, receiving briefings on enemy infiltrations from Ukraine. Video-conference meetings addressed potential actions to neutralize threats and restore stability, characterized by intense exchanges and explicit language from Putin. The Russian President expressed dissatisfaction, assigning blame to participants collectively.


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Following the meeting, Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, reproached Putin personally regarding the discussed issues. Patrushev reminded Putin that he had submitted a comprehensive analytical report over a year ago, accurately predicting the unfolding events and providing specific prevention proposals, which Putin purportedly disregarded. Patrushev firmly assigned responsibility to Putin for the situation. Witnesses described Putin’s demeanor during this confrontation as that of a scolded puppy. Patrushev defended the military and the Federal Security Service (FSB), attributing the ill-preparedness and failure of the SMO to Putin. Subsequently, Putin concluded the meeting and scheduled a more restricted evening session, once again including Patrushev. The evening meeting focused on the situation in the Belgorod region, the upcoming visit of Belarusian President Lukashenko, and recent statements by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan regarding negotiations with Azerbaijan and a potential withdrawal from the CSTO.Concerning Lukashenko’s visit, Putin expressed apprehension, acknowledging the likelihood of the Belarusian President requesting financial assistance while simultaneously emphasizing his vigor and strong grip on power. The discussion on this matter lasted approximately ten minutes, concluding with the understanding that Lukashenko was strategically positioning himself to secure long-term leadership in Belarus.

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When the conversation shifted to Pashinyan, Putin became animated and spent over twenty minutes articulating his criticisms of the Armenian Prime Minister and his actions. Putin concluded the meeting by addressing the ongoing situation in the Belgorod region and at the frontlines, prompting Patrushev to suggest contemplating strategies to navigate the deep crisis both domestically and on the frontlines. While acknowledging the existence of challenges, Putin proposed active participation in problem-solving as an effective approach, rather than engaging in disruptive behavior.


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