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The Definitive Account Of A Battle Against Communism In Serbia

World Exclusive Interview with Nikola Sandulović

Pre-Abduction Insights Before Kidnapping & Nerve Gas Poisoning


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Unveiling Injustice

The exclusive interview by Rich TVX News Network featuring Nikola Sandulović dates back several years, conducted shortly after the initial nerve gas poisoning incident. Mr. Sandulović fell victim to the malicious actions of the Serbian tyrant, Aleksandar Vučić. This reprehensible act unfolded when Sandulović was arbitrarily arrested without legal grounds, subjected to torture within the confines of a Serbian prison, and ultimately poisoned with the intent to terminate his life.


Unyielding Grip

The status quo remains unaltered to the present day. The criminally entrenched Aleksandar Vučić regime maintains a firm grip on power in Serbia, displaying no inclination to relinquish control. Their commitment to retaining power is evidenced by a willingness to resort to lethal measures, a grim reality underscored by numerous instances, such as the tragic cases of Oliver Ivanovic and Vladimir Cvijan.


Freedom Under Assault

Recently, Nikola Sandulović once again fell prey to the nefarious actions orchestrated by the Aleksandar Vučić regime. This condemnable incident transpired as Sandulović faced arbitrary arrest devoid of legal justification, enduring torture within the confines of a Serbian prison, and ultimately being subjected to poisoning with the clear intent of terminating his life. Presently, adversaries of freedom are coalescing, aiming to deliver the decisive blow, perpetrating acts of assassination, mockery, and insult.


Nikola Sandulović


Exclusive Interview


Dear President Sandulović, thank you so much for the interview. We all know your bio. We’ve watched your debates on You Tube, and have followed your arrest by the Vučić regime with great concern.

Nikola Sandulović: First of all, I would like to thank you for one human act, and for the political courage, you have shown, for your impartial and objective reporting on my political persecution, as well as on the difficult financial and political crisis currently taking place in Serbia. I would like to take this opportunity to greet all your viewers and readers in the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, France, Mexico, U.K as well as those around the world, who have expressed concern and interest in the catastrophic situation currently in Serbia, due to the criminal rule of Aleksandar Vucic and his associates. I will be happy to give answers to your questions, and I will always be available in the future, regardless of my political position.


How’s your health doing after the brutal arrest?

Nikola Sandulović: My health condition, after poisoning is slowly stabilizing, but not yet completely. Thanks primarily to professional medical treatment and detoxification drugs that I received from abroad and three months every day physical therapies I regained 90 percent of all functions.


Could you recover from the poisoning?

Nikola Sandulović: Complete recovery from poisoning is difficult to expect. Damage to individual nerves is never fully rehabilitated. Sideward of the physical deprivation of the right side of the body, which I had for more than three months, the feeling of such a helplessness is deterrent.


Gabriel Escobar


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What are the origins of the Republican Party in Serbia?


Nikola Sandulović: The origins of the Republican Party dated back to 1919th with their work in the former Yugoslavia. The communist regime abolished its existence and banned its work in 1946th. Since my grandfather Nikola Sandulovic was one of the founders of the Republican Party it was quite natural and expected that I would be the successor of his political work. I officially returned the Republican Party to the political scene of Serbia in 2013th . After 67 years ban, Republicans are present in the political life of Serbia again and I hope this time forever. The political position of the Republican Party in Serbia is primarily based on the fight against the communist regime that is still present here in Serbia. Reconciliation and normalization of political and economic relations in the Balkan region, dealing with corruption, crime and political mafia. The strongest possible connections with USA, Great Britain and Israel.


What are your views on Kosovo and Serbia Economic Normalization agreements?


Nikola Sandulović: My position on the issue of the Agreement on the economic normalization of Kosovo and Serbia is positive and I consider it necessary. That should have happened much earlier.


What is your view of the U.S role on the signed agreements?


Nikola Sandulović: I believe that without the United States, the EU could never have achieved such an Agreement. Inadequate policy pursued by the EU on relations between Serbia and Kosovo could be seen in the last 20 years without stabilization and progress in economic and political positions of both sides.



Serbia's 'Mad Dog'


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Israel’s decision to recognize Kosovo and the move of the Serbian embassy to Jerusalem has been met with a wave of disapproval. What are your views?


Nikola Sandulović: My views are identical to the views of the United States and Israel. So identical and solid, that I would have no further comment on the matter.


Was it right to ban Chinese 5G in Serbia?

Nikola Sandulović: Absolutely! Their technology is of dubious quality and of dubious purpose. Serbian people began to complain more and more about that and reacted very positively to the point of the agreement that referred to it, which Mr. Donald Trump imposed to Aleksandar Vucic.


And the prohibition of the Hezbollah in Serbia?

Nikola Sandulović: My opinion and position is that Hezbollah is not welcome and will never be welcome, nor Serbia will ever be a collaborator and refuge area for this militant organization and its members. The ban was supposed to take effect in Serbia in 2012th , immediately after the first indications that the current Serbian state leadership had begun cooperating with militant organizations, by placing Serbian weapons to them around the world (Africa, Middle East).
I would also like to mention that a huge amount of money of dubious origin entered Serbia from the Arab world which  they used to buy land, water and for huge construction investments in Serbia. In support of my claims is proof that the Serbian state leadership, directly Aleksandar Vucic and Tomislav Nikolic, gave citizenship to proven Israeli enemies, and members of Hezbollah – Muhamed Dahlam and his closest associate Adham Avo Madalala. Their militant activity is known in the security structures of Israel. This shows how dishonest the current Serbian state leadership is towards the state of Israel.


Serbia currently has a strategic relationship with Russia. Have the Russians indicated a shift in position towards Aleksandar Vučić after the agreements?

Nikola Sandulović: Yes, but that was not the only reason why the Russians changed their attitude towards Aleksandar Vucic. His numerous crime activities have begun to tarnish the reputation not only of him but also of all his former and current political associates and mentors, who now want to distance themselves. As a result Russia’s policy towards Serbia and Aleksandar Vucic has become dishonest, as much as Aleksandar Vucic’s policy towards them has become dishonest. There is no sincere friendship and cooperation. Their relationship is based solely on benefits.




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Aleksandar Vučić has been ruling the tabloid world with his foot-in-mouth approach and the submissive way he sat on the chair opposite President Tramp. Has his behaviour damaged Serbia’s reputation in the world?

Nikola Sandulović: What has now become crystal clear to everyone is that behind the dictatorial and arrogant behaviour of Aleksandar Vučić in Serbia, according to its citizens, there is in fact a serious mental illness of a small dictator and a big coward. He replaces arrogance in Serbia with humility and cowardice in front of other real statesmen, which is a characteristic of a deviant personality. We only remember his statements and outbursts, regarding the key to the White House, and the pen, obtained from Mr. Donald Trump. Unheard of shame and endless primitivism! It is a small word that his shameful and humble behaviour (and he knew why he behaved like that in front of Mr. Donald Trump) damaged the reputation of Serbia. He humiliated the Serbian state like no one before and will be remembered in Serbian history as the greatest disgrace and humiliation of the Serbian people. Unfortunately, I think that the Serbian people will be humiliated even more in the time to come. He is a man without morals, without culture and any human or political courage.


Serbia’s current political regime resembles the (Slobodan) Milošević regime, in terms of pressure on the opposition. How long can the Vučić’s regime survive under the current situation, in your view?

Nikola Sandulović: I must state the harsh reality of the political situation in Serbia, and tell the world that the regime of Slobodan Milosevic was completely harmless comparing with the regime of Aleksandar Vucic! I know it sounds unrealistic, but what Aleksandar Vucic is doing in Serbia, intimidating and robbing the Serbian people, beating, arresting and imprisoning, has nothing in common with civilized behaviour. Over and above he is destroying the economy, bringing migrants, Chinese, and representatives of militant organizations to Serbia while persecuting the opposition physical destruction. That shows all his communist radical past and the cruelty, shaped by Vojislav Seselj and Slobodan Milosevic. I can freely say that Aleksandar Vucic, a political monster, was jointly created by Slobodan Milosevic and Vojislav Seselj. The very survival of Vučić’s regime is directly related to the political survival of Mrs. Angela Merkel, because she is in fact all the time his political mentor who gives him support and stimulus for such behaviour shaped by Stalinist methods. The worst possible option for Serbia is that Aleksandar Vucic will survive, with all the force he uses, until the beginning of 2022 at the latest, when elections will be called at all levels. His earlier leaving can only happen if the United States and Mr. Donald Trump lose patience to continue to tolerate Aleksandar Vučić’s lies and criminal activities.


Has Mr Vučić been offered asylum?

Nikola Sandulović: To my knowledge, asylum has been offered to him by some African countries, as well as China. No any European country, neither Russia, nor America, has taken this into account to give him protection to escape and avoid responsibility for crimes and robbery. I publicly promised to the Serbian people and the international community – Aleksandar Vučić must respond and be a future example that politics is not robbery, sadism, satanism, crime, but a responsibility, patriotism, economic stability and peace that should be achieved with clear political views and goals.


Josep Borrell


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Will the Serbian state security apparatus be dismantled as part of transition period after Vučić?

Nikola Sandulović: I believe that no political structure, except the Republican Party, in Serbia is ready and not so anti-communist that it could and wanted to disband such a security service in Serbia, which we have so far. Unfortunately, none, because all the leaders of other so-called opposition structures and parties in Serbia actually came from those services and the communist cradle. All of them are, the same as their parents and their ancestors had been adherents of the System. If the Republican Party and me will have the political possibility for such a decision, the old communist security apparatus that has existed in Serbia since 1945, until today, will be permanently disbanded! It is a source of evil, which has positioned Serbia as the last stronghold of communist thinking and action, making Serbia an unstable partner for possible future EU membership. I believe that the great responsibility of this security system is in the bloody disintegration of Yugoslavia, as well as that the same service is still interfering in political events in the region. I mean the events in Macedonia, Republika Srpska, Montenegro and Kosovo. Until this and such a security apparatus is disbanded, there will be no progress in Serbia, and there will be no peace or progress in the region. The disbandment of this and such a Service will finally bring down the last elements of instability on the Balkan region and Europe.


What kinds of thinking do you want to see going across Serbia in terms of changes?

Nikola Sandulović: Changes must occur first in the system itself and institutions. The present bureaucratic-communist system in Serbia is destructive for the individuals who want to develop economically. Communism in Serbia recognizes and supports only the rich politician, or the newly created rich ones as a product of the System for the Privileged. In every way it hinders every capable individual who wants to create for himself and not for them and with them. In Serbia, communist – capitalism rules are reserved for members of the Service and imposed politicians, not elected by the will of the citizens. I want Serbia to live and think without fear. I want Serbia to start thinking about the future and not to live on the burden of the past. I want Serbia to think about the new future political and economic paths it needs to take.  Serbia should be connected to America, Great Britain and Israel, who can and want to make Serbia economically, technologically and militarily more advanced than have ever been. I want Serbia to be truly democratic and free country.


Thank you for the interview.

Richard Grenell


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The text above is a revised and enhanced transcript of an interview conducted with Nikola Sandulović. Updated.


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