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World Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Is Plotting To Retake The White House By Replacing Kamala Harris

Oh, Hillary, here you go again

World Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Is Plotting To Retake The White House By Replacing Kamala Harris

NEW YORK ( — There´s a huge statue of Bill Clinton in Pristina, Kosovo, who is revered for his role in ending the war there in the 1990s. Across the plaza you can find a boutique with a familiar name: Hillary. The shopkeeper said they named the store after Hillary “so that Bill Clinton wouldn’t be lonely in that place.” It is widely held in Washington, according to numerous political experts and people close to the Clinton family, that Hillary Clinton is plotting to retake the White House by replacing Kamala Harris. In politics a sense of humor is essential, but as we all know, Hillary Clinton who works methodically and is determined to achieve her goals. “Hillary Clinton will be able to capitalize on the political lethargy,“ in a stunning burst of candor, a Democratic operative and top political consultant told the Rich TVX News Network. Nonetheless, President Biden and Kamala Harris have performed a political miracle in assembling a Cabinet that has silenced the Trump fanatics. Even so, the world has changed enormously in the year that Biden has been president, with COVID-19, a failing economy and hate-relationships with Russia. The calculation in the White House has to be whether the world, will stand still for a Russian invasion of the Ukraine by end of coming January? More likely, Germany, France and U.K. decided to go along with Biden in recognition of the inevitable. If they were acting in isolation, all the evidence is that they would let Hillary Clinton be, while providing her with whatever she wishes to buy. Russia will be unhappy; and across the globe, there will be a surge of anti-Hillarysm. President Biden has yet to explain to us why, and what is the American interest in this?
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