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The Collapse of the Russian Gods

The Shocking Red February In The Kremlin And Serbia’s Russophiles Meltdown

Europe faces its biggest security crisis in decades

The Shocking Red February In The Kremlin And Serbia’s Russophiles Meltdown

NEW YORK ( — Ukraine has accused the Kremlin of attempting to block its access to the sea as Russia prepares for naval exercises next week. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the Sea of Azov is completely blocked and the Black Sea almost completely cut off. PM Boris Johnson said that Europe faces its biggest security crisis in decades amid the tensions. UK’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss met Sergei Lavrov in Moscow. She said Russia should move its troops away from the Ukrainian border if it was serious about using diplomacy to defuse the crisis. Lavrov said he was disappointed with the talks, accusing Liz Truss of not listening to Russia’s concerns. At a time like the present, in the midst of the Russo-Ukrainian War, when communication between Russia and the United Kingdom is extremely difficult. The British view of Russia—or rather the British blindness to Russia—was largely due to the Kremlin’s master hypnosis which resulted from the installation of the fake Russian oligarchs who played Russian tycoons. Spoiled by participation in the luxuries of modern civilisation, not strong and enduring, not devoted to duty, not a believer in God, no lover of Russia, not brave, daunted, prodigal of his life—such is the Russian oligarch. The Kremlin in Moscow, and all of the little branch kremlins elsewhere in Europe, were busily consolidating their gains to date and implementing Moscow’s new schemes of aggression and expansion. But Moscow is not merely a picturesque city with an historic past –it is the key to the soul of the Russian people. Do you think the fake Russian oligarchs are aware of it? It was not humanly possible, even had they so desired. Russia has deployed 100 of the military’s 168 battalion-tactical groups on the Ukrainian border. Majority of the Spetsnaz units have been deployed to the border. Legislation has been laid in Parliament today to toughen and expand the UK’s sanctions regime against Russia. On the other hand, they can hit them so hard that within a matter of weeks their whole KGB/FSB enterprise would not be functioning. And the Kremlin knows it. But without the NWO Cabal to hold over the KGB/FSB the umbrella of its protection, against storms rising on every side, Russia faced a very precarious future.

Lavrov Unhappy After Talks With Liz Truss

Russophiles In Serbia — These Guys Are All Idiots

At odd, unexpected times of turbulent and tense global diplomatic climate, and implemented UK sanctions against Russia, the behavior of certain groups of people will strike you as totally weird. Russia is hugely popular in Serbia, and Serb super-ultra-hardcore-nationalists have always traditionally seen Russia as a close ally due to shared Slavic heritage, of course this is just an illusion. Frankly, we do not believe it was any of those things. We think it was camouflaged but deliberate treason. It is religious belief mingled with a strong element of Serb nationalism, molten in fire and carnage, and welded by blow upon blow. Russophiles in Serbia, which are in reality traitors to their homeland Serbia, are going through rough times now, and the hardest may be yet to come. These guys are all idiots, who are even considered and treated as idiots by their neighbors. They are also idiotic in a legal sense; they are regarded as irresponsible for their actions, although some of them would not be considered as idiots according to the definition of idiocy by medical writers. So if you like people who seem to be exceptionally strange, it would be hard not to like Russophiles in Serbia —unless, that is, you found they are crazy, really crazy, and genuine, certified psychotics – a rough approximation of paranoid schizophrenia. Russophiles in Serbia will go in and out of mental hospitals very soon, once they see their Russian gods collapse. That is what they are doing right now, anyway. At other times in history the experience of insanity has been less terrifying. Many times, when we, together with Nikola Sandulović and the team of the Republican Party in Serbia, announced new sanctions against Russia, the Russophiles in Serbia thought we did not know what we were doing, accusing us of propaganda. It turned out that our analysis was correct. But the Rich TVX News Network, Nikola Sandulović and his team are alive and kicking, achieving fame, both for successful attacks on the communist way of doing things, and for our innovative approach in exposing bloodthirsty dictators. And the community is proud of our efforts. Now we go one step further, we claim for Russophiles in Serbia a place in the human family.

And The Community Is Proud Of Our Efforts

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