The Kubera Principle

The United States stands alone as a superpower

President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson Outplayed Putin

Biden and Johnson saved Europe from war

President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson Outplayed Putin

NEW YORK ( — President Joe Biden said that a Russian attack on Ukraine remains “very likely” but a diplomatic solution to the crisis could yet be reached. Biden asked US citizens to leave Ukraine now, “before it’s too late”. “To the citizens of Russia: You are not our enemy,” Biden said. If Russia invades Ukraine, “it will be met with overwhelming international condemnation, and that the invasion of Ukraine will be a self-inflicted wound. We do not seek direct confrontation with Russia. Although I have made it clear that if Russia targets Americans in Ukraine, we will respond strongly,” Biden added. Hundreds of miles away, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has blackmailed and scared the world with a war. Nevertheless, Russian Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov suggested that Ukrainians set alarms and make sure for themselves that there would be no Russian invasion on the morning of February 16. Mass media have increased public awareness and the ability of ordinary people to see events happening around the world. Although none has discovered the complete truth, all are communicating vital information about it. All states employ propaganda in one form or another, but not all states have the capacity to employ full-time intelligence services like the Kremlin— the father of information terrorism. It went so far that the US authorities temporarily even relocated the Ukrainian CIA station from Kiev, according to sources. In any case, President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson emerge victorious from this war.

On A Par With Saddam Hussein

Several miles away from the Pentagon, at the Embassy of Russia in Washington, D.C., the Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov watched these developments in horror. Other FSB residents in Washington were ordered to propose diplomatic or propaganda initiatives, but understanding Biden’s struggle and final triumph over Putin involves more than propaganda initiatives or debating the last weeks. Biden was himself concerned about the Kremlin’s ambitions and asked for a detailed report on the Russian military buildup. Biden sat in the Oval Office in stunned disbelief. Only days earlier, in a top-secret meeting with his advisers, he said Putin’s Russia is a classic example of nationalism that crossed the threshold to hypernationalism. Because of it, Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in the eyes of the world community found himself now on a par with Saddam Hussein. It seems that it will stay that way forever. Biden said the US has not verified Russia’s claim that it’s pulled some troops back from Ukraine’s border, but Putin´s approach involved more than mere rhetoric and political propaganda; it had a direct effect on U.S. foreign policy. Geopolitics refers to the role that territory and location play in global politics. Ukraine was hit with a massive cyberattack, but the fact that the Russian invasion did not start at the “appointed hour” does not at all mean that Vladimir V. Putin did not plan invasions at that particular time – before it became known to everyone thanks to the efforts of President Joe Biden and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And it is obviously clear now that the United States stands alone as a superpower.

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Kremlin propaganda nourished contemptuous beliefs about the Ukraine and promoted hatred toward them, but the actions of President Joe Biden and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will go down in the history books — as an exemplary anti-war strategy and an ideal hybrid war. Vladimir V. Putin pulled a huge force to the borders of Ukraine, blackmailing Ukraine, the EU, and NATO. But NATO did not have a unified position to counter Russian aggression – since Ukraine built separate relations with a number of countries. Russia is the most important supplier of energy resources for Europe, as economic interests still dominate today over political principles. After a number of EU countries opposed the shutdown of the SWIFT payment system for Russia and the sanctions on Nord Stream 2, the United States and United Kingdom have sharply reduced the number of instruments of peaceful influence on the situation. Under these conditions, President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson launched a powerful information attack — they simply shouted to the whole world about the Russian military threat. And they even published intelligence and named the dates of the invasion, not being afraid to be ridiculed if this did not happen. They wanted to frighten Europe and they did. And before this threat, the Europeans consolidated. Specifically, the EU allies agreed “not to sign or approve any new contracts for the purchase of Russian gas” until discussing it with Washington.

Russian Troops Remain Very Much In A Threatening Position

All the reports that we were getting from our own intelligence in the United States indicated that Biden was serious about overwhelming the Kremlin. With Biden’s massive defense anti-war strategy buildup in full swing, it did not take long for a siege mentality to take over Moscow. Kremlin´s vision of man without God must eventually be seen as an empty and a false faith — the second oldest in the world —first proclaimed in the garden of Eden with whispered words of temptation. As Biden watched the divide between Washington and her European allies grow, he was saddened but not surprised. Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson created such public opinion that they were not only able to supply weapons and instructors to Ukraine, but also forced many EU countries to follow their example. At the same time, they began to declare unprecedented sanctions against Russia in the event of war, “scaring Putin.” As a result, the pro-Russian front in the EU was broken, and on the eve of the likely Russian invasion, Ukraine was provided with effective and guaranteed support. If the invasion occurs, then President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were right, and the already consolidated NATO countries will be obliged to help Ukraine with weapons and support sanctions against Russia to save Ukraine. But the truth is that President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson saved Europe from war. Even the analysts indicate that Russian troops remain very much in a threatening position — an invasion remains distinctly possible.