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Unrest in Russia: Prigozhin Sets Example for Others in Wave of Public Anger

Accountability & Opportunism Among Patriotic FSB & GRU

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Prigozhin’s Exposé Unleashes Surge

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Over the weekend, in a surprising sequence of events, Putin calmly received reports via video conference detailing the destruction of military aircraft and helicopters in the Bryansk region. Upon the conclusion of the military briefing, he tersely expressed his frustration, uttering, “Damn! Go to hell!” before abruptly terminating the connection. In a more composed manner, Putin patiently attended to the reproach of Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, who reminded him that their experts had predicted a similar scenario a year ago, offering practical and sensible advice on how to prevent such a predicament. Responding to Patrushev, Putin dismissed the need to delve into those lectures presently, citing a throbbing headache, and promptly adjourned the meeting.

Multiple reports were presented to Putin regarding the progressing recovery of Lukashenko, who underwent a surgical procedure. These reports consistently indicated a positive trajectory in Lukashenko’s health. However, Putin’s personal condition did not reflect similar positive dynamics. During the weekend, he dedicated a considerable amount of time to interactions with attending physicians and medical staff, allowing himself moments of relaxation. In the upcoming week, Putin intends to personally preside over a meeting exclusively with the permanent members of the Security Council, while delegating the responsibility of the Government meeting and various other events to his double. Notably, reliable sources reveal that high-ranking officials within the Kremlin face a prohibition on resigning from their positions amidst the ongoing war with Ukraine. Media outlets suggest that individuals who disregard this ban are susceptible to potential criminal charges.

A former officer of the Federal Security Service (FSB) disclosed that at least two governors attempted to tender their resignations, only to be confronted with explicit prohibition from the internal policy department (UVP) and subtle indications of potential legal consequences. Another source highlighted the existence of a significant number of officials who harbor intentions of relinquishing their positions following the outbreak of the war. However, it is believed that allowing mass resignations could result in a loss of control. It is important to note that the ban on resignations is reportedly informal and there are exceptions to the rule, such as resigning for health reasons.

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Amidst the preparations of the Russian Federation for potential military engagements, the inner circle surrounding the highly fortified bunker is already engaged in a concerted effort to allocate responsibility for the imminent conflict. Particularly noteworthy is the Sovbez, bearing the namesake of Patrushev, which has displayed exceptional ingenuity in this regard. The Washington Post has come under scrutiny for its endeavors to establish a connection between Prigozhin, a prominent mercenary leader, and the Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) under the Ministry of Defense. Allegations suggest that Prigozhin offered strategic information to Ukrainian military personnel, aiding them in targeting Russian troops, with the condition that the Ukrainian Armed Forces withdraw from Bakhmut. The aim of The Washington Post appears to be casting the achievements of the “Wagner” group solely on the shoulders of contracted mercenaries, thereby exonerating regular Russian troops from any direct involvement. However, a significant flaw in The Washington Post’s narrative lies in their initial discussion of this matter during an interview with President Zelensky, relying on leaked materials from the American intelligence network. President Zelensky rebuked the journalists, accusing them of serving Russian interests, as no such materials existed from the sources mentioned. The Washington Post subsequently omitted this portion from the interview, only to later publish an extensive article providing an interpretive account. The article claims that Prigozhin repeatedly sought collaboration with the GUR, but his advances were rejected by Kyiv. Perhaps The Washington Post’s credibility could have been enhanced had they not diligently echoed messages from the Russian Federation Council. These messages insinuate that the United States is encouraging Ukraine to display openness to negotiations with Russia on certain occasions, while on others, asserting the unlikelihood of Ukraine’s victory. Curiously, this supposedly impartial newspaper even referred to Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary of the Soviet Union, as “a person who might want to take Putin’s place.”


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Prigozhin, known for his brash demeanor, employs a direct and unrefined approach. He shamelessly spreads derogatory information about Defense Minister Shoigu and Chief of Staff Gerasimov, openly insulting the Ministry of Defense and labeling its members with derogatory terms. Furthermore, he swiftly shares videos showcasing Russians fleeing the front lines, reminiscent of the behavior of an immature TikToker. Making bold proclamations, Prigozhin asserts that the entry of the Armed Forces into Berkhovka would signify the gradual encirclement of Bakhmut, emphasizing the need to address what he perceives as a leadership problem, warning that the Russian people might take matters into their own hands. He even gleefully recounts an alleged incident where the Bryansk Air Defense Forces purportedly shot down five of his aircraft. However, in reality, terms like “regrouping” serve as mere euphemisms for retreat, and a so-called “tactical retreat” is nothing more than a means of escape. Prigozhin relentlessly mocks the Russian Ministry of Defense, belittling them by referring to them as former cooks and even suggesting harm befall Gerasimov. Western intelligence services speculate that Prigozhin’s presidential immunity is approaching its end, foreseeing an unfortunate fate for the provocateur, such as accidentally stepping on a landmine or ingesting poisoned tea. It is evident that his crude language, combined with the mentions of figures like “Shoigu” and “Gerasimov,” resonates more strongly with the less discerning Russian public than the sophisticated publications of the elitist Washington Post. Prigozhin’s audacious actions are merely the beginning of a potentially escalating situation.

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In all honesty, it is undeniable that Prigozhin has achieved a significant objective by boldly exposing and criticizing inept military leaders. His actions have set a precedent, asserting that it is both necessary and acceptable to hold these foolish generals accountable for their shortcomings. Prigozhin’s actions have effectively paved the way for a potential surge of discontented individuals, including patriotic elements from intelligence agencies like the FSB, GRU, and other similar structures. These individuals are eager to capitalize on the growing public outrage and secure influential positions for themselves. They see an opportunity to rise to prominence amidst the wave of popular anger that is sweeping through the nation.


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