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Insights from General Mark Milley

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In a recent interview with Foreign Affairs titled “How to Avoid Great Power War,” General Mark Milley, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, highlighted the profound transformation taking place in the nature of warfare. He attributed this significant shift primarily to technological advancements that are shaping the future of military operations.

One key aspect of this transformation lies in the fundamental changes occurring in shooting capabilities. The development of high-precision ammunition and the widespread use of sensors have revolutionized the delivery of long-range precision fire. This newfound capability allows for unprecedented accuracy and extended engagement distances, surpassing any previous achievements in human history. It is important to note that these advancements are not limited to a single nation, as countries such as Russia, China, and others have also made strides in this field. Additionally, the emergence of undefended hypersonic technology is introducing a new dimension to the battlefield, with its remarkable speed and maneuverability.

Observation capabilities have also undergone significant changes. Ordinary devices like digital watches, GPS sensors, and iPhones can now be utilized as tracking tools, enabling military forces to have an unprecedented level of situational awareness. This enhanced ability to perceive and comprehend the environment provides a substantial advantage in strategizing and executing military operations. Furthermore, the accessibility of map data and satellite imagery through platforms like Google Earth has become commonplace, whereas it was once the exclusive domain of advanced military entities. This level of access was unimaginable just a decade ago.

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The convergence of observation and shooting capabilities, coupled with the rapid advancements in robotics, heralds a transformative era in warfare. The ability to observe and engage targets from long distances with unparalleled accuracy marks a fundamental shift in the nature of military operations. Robotics plays a vital role in this transformation, with ongoing developments in unmanned marine vehicles for both surface and underwater applications. Experiments are also being conducted with modern fighters and bombers, aiming to make them essentially unmanned. Looking ahead, unmanned trucks and tanks are expected to constitute a significant portion of military assets, reflecting the rapid integration of robotics into armed forces worldwide.

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Furthermore, the ability to make swift and accurate decisions has become increasingly important. Artificial intelligence and quantum computing, when combined with robotics, have emerged as dominant factors in modern warfare. These technologies, along with advancements in cybernetics and space exploration, contribute significantly to the evolving dynamics of the battlefield.

General Milley emphasized that the country that optimizes these technologies will possess a decisive advantage, particularly in the initial phases of future conflicts. He expressed his desire for the United States to assume a leadership role in harnessing and maximizing the potential of these advancements, ensuring a strategic advantage in the ever-evolving landscape of warfare.

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