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The Wolf Bit the Hand that Fed Him: Qin Gang’s Idiotic Remarks on Ukraine and Taiwan

Whoooah! The whole world is shaking now for sure!


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Chinese Foreign Minister’s Idiotic Remarks

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New York ( —

The Great Chinese Famine from 1959 to 1961 resulted in the death of millions due to natural disasters, government policies, and economic mismanagement, with cannibalism being reported as a desperate means of survival. Cannibalism refers to the act of humans consuming the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. The opening of China by Kissinger and Nixon in 1972 marked a significant breakthrough in international relations, paving the way for China’s emergence as a major global power. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has accused an “invisible hand” of prolonging and escalating the Ukrainian crisis, warned against replication in Asia, and emphasized China’s preparedness to take necessary measures. He has also stressed the importance of building a steady relationship between Russia and China towards multipolarity and greater democracy in international relations. Well, we guess in the world of totalitarian regimes, multipolarity is the ultimate pillow talk. But seriously, anyone who believes that is one sandwich short of a picnic! The fact of the matter is that China was aided by the US. Without the assistance of the United States, China may have continued to experience extreme food shortages and famine. Qin Gang bit the hand that fed him – the hand of the United States of America. The Chinese Foreign Minister has stated that Beijing views the Ukrainian crisis as being at a critical point, where there is either the possibility of a political settlement, or a potential escalation of the situation. Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet. The criminal Chinese government has warned against the replication of the Ukrainian-style crisis in the region, stating that a cold war should not start in Asia. The Foreign Minister emphasized that China does not provide weapons to any party involved in the conflict. It seemed as though his nose grew a few inches longer as he spoke. While Beijing will make every effort towards peaceful reunification with Taiwan, the Foreign Minister has also warned that China should not be underestimated and is prepared to take any necessary measures. Whoooah! The whole world is shaking now for sure! Meanwhile, another dreamer, the acting director of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union has stated that the EU will have to compensate for any losses incurred from returning frozen Russian assets. There’s no doubt about it – the EU has nothing more pressing to attend to. Hell yes!

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