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Multiple Earthquakes Devastate Turkey and Syria, Death Toll Reaches Thousands

7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Turkey, Over 2,500 Dead and 5,385 Injured


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Multiple Earthquakes Devastate Turkey and Syria, Death Toll Reaches Thousands

Emergency Response Underway as Multiple Earthquakes Strike Turkey and Syria

Destruction Widespread as Earthquakes Strike Southeast Turkey

Powerful Earthquakes Trigger Aftershocks Across the Region

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New York ( — On February 6th, multiple earthquakes hit Turkey and neighboring Syria. The first earthquake was a 7.7 magnitude quake in the Pazardzhik region in the province of Kahramanmarash, with the epicenter located 7 km deep. The tremors could be felt for half an hour in various regions, including the capital city of Ankara, which is 600 km away from the epicenter. Three more earthquakes with magnitudes of 6.4 to 6.6 were recorded in the Gaziantep province, followed by 100 aftershocks. Another earthquake of magnitude 4.2 hit southeastern Turkey later in the day, with the epicenter in the Malatya province and aftershocks felt in Ankara. The second powerful earthquake of the day, with a magnitude of 7.7, was later recorded in the Kahramanmarash province.

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Historic Fortress Collapses in Turkey as Earthquakes Leave Trail of Destruction

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According to latest reports, over 2,500 people have been killed and over 5,385 injured in southeast Turkey, with destruction reported in various cities including Adana, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, Kahramanmarash, Malatya, and Sanliurfa. More than 2,800 houses have collapsed, including high-rise buildings, and a historic fortress in the Gaziantep province has been reported to have collapsed as well. In Syria, the death toll has reached 461 with over 1,300 people injured. The Al Hadath TV channel reported that dozens of people remain trapped under rubble in various provinces including Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, and Hama. The Margat Crusader castle near Baniyas, as well as the largest oil refinery in Syria, were also damaged.The earthquakes were felt throughout Israel, with no reported casualties or damage. Strong ground vibrations were felt in many parts of Lebanon, including Beirut and the Bekaa Valley, but again, no damage or casualties were reported. Earthquakes were also felt in Baghdad, Abkhazia, Yerevan, Gyumri, Shirak region in Armenia, and Batumi. A 5.4 magnitude earthquake was recorded in the south of Kazakhstan.

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