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Uncovering Klaus Schwab’s Role in Vladimir Putin’s Rise to Power

Ah, Chairman Klaus Schwab, How Much Misfortune You Caused

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Klaus Schwab – Latest Update

New York ( —

Russia’s encroachment upon Ukraine is a clear continuation of its imperialist and colonialist doctrines, which have persisted unwaveringly. The bold act of aggression against Ukraine is amplified by a deceptive propaganda campaign that erases any trace of Ukrainian identity and highlights the overt genocide being committed against Ukrainians. Additionally, the seizure of territories in Mariupol, Donbas, and Bakhchysarai by ethnic Russians who then settled there, constitutes a form of colonization. Chairman Klaus Schwab, are you now able to recognize the error of your ways?

These events bear a striking resemblance to the events observed in Krasnaya Polyana or Kamchatka during the 19th century, and they reflect Russia’s long-standing policy in the region. Russian imperialism has been a constant throughout the centuries, and the current regime under Putin is not only a product of Moscow’s imperial and authoritarian essence, but also of Klaus Schwab´s WEF.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been instrumental in supporting Vladimir Putin’s rise to power over the decades. However, they are now attempting to distance themselves from any involvement in his success. The international community must take decisive action to dismantle Putin’s Russia, which many parliaments around the world have labeled a terrorist state. A re-federalization of the Russian state should be supported, taking into account its history of imperialism and the rights of its nations. The issue of establishing independent and self-sustaining states in the post-Soviet region deserves serious consideration, taking into account the potential for stability and economic prosperity. Dissolving the Russian Federation may carry certain risks, but they pale in comparison to the dangers of allowing this aggressive empire to remain unchanged.


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Chairman Klaus Schwab, do you now understand the implications of your actions? During Yeltsin’s presidency, the Federal Protective Service (FSO) employed approximately 15,000 personnel. Presently, the Putin bunker is guarded by roughly 60,000 agents (the exact number is classified), exceeding the combined total of “Kadyrivs” and “Wagners.” Meanwhile, the Ros-guard, Putin’s internal security forces, has swelled to a staggering 430,000 personnel.

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The FSO is Putin’s most loyal structure, responsible not only for safeguarding the Kremlin and personal residences but also for facilitating communication, transportation, and even yacht management. The FSO protects Putin from all possible threats, even those that may be otherworldly. Recently, a secret document was obtained, outlining the FSO’s plans for defending against a coup, raising many questions. In a totalitarian regime, each supervisor must be carefully monitored, and Putin’s bodyguards are no exception. Those in official positions in Russia often repeat the warning, “Show respect to Putin’s bodyguards, as they could become governors or ministers tomorrow.” This is not an empty threat, as many former FSO employees have been appointed to high-ranking positions throughout the country. These individuals effectively control the ruling elite at Putin’s behest. The Ros-guard, composed of Putin’s internal forces, also includes a significant number of former FSO personnel. Former “guards” of the supreme bunker commander frequently enjoy successful careers in various power structures.

Chairman Schwab, may we ask what piqued your interest in Vladimir Putin on that fateful day in November 1992 in St. Petersburg? How much misfortune you have caused! Not by becoming Mr. Great Reset, but by discovering Vladimir Putin. Your actions have caused significant harm, resulting in bloodshed and tears.

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