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Exclusive: Vladimir Putin’s Secret Railway Network Exposed Breaks News on Putin's Secret Railway Network


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Exclusive: Vladimir Putin’s Secret Railway Network Exposed

New York ( — Vladimir Putin has constructed a covert system of railways and stations leading to his main residences. Railway lines were stretched to all of Putin’s key abodes, and clandestine stations were erected nearby, as discovered. A safeguarded railway station with a helipad was built near Dolgie Borody, a nearby settlement to Putin’s beloved Valdai residence in Valdai National Park in autumn 2022. The station and special railway line were constructed exclusively for Putin, as revealed by three local residents. When a correspondent attempted to approach the fenced station, the guard drove him away. A former engineer who worked on the Moscow to St. Petersburg route said that only the sections of the railway track on which Putin’s train was expected to travel were repaired, while the others were left unrepaired. According to satellite imagery, the station and railway for Putin in Valdai were built in 2019. In Novo-Ogaryovo, the station emerged in 2015, about 400 meters from Putin’s residence in the Moscow area, according to satellite images. The land for the station was expropriated from private possession in favor of the Federal Protective Service (FSO) by Dmitry Medvedev, the then-Prime Minister. The station was designed for a small number of wagons and was obscured behind a high fence with surveillance cameras installed every 10 meters. To halt the train at the “Bocharov Ruchey” residence in Sochi in 2017, a new platform and dead-end railway line were erected, hidden from the electric train tracks by a high fence. Putin’s special train has been seen by railway staff and train spotters on many occasions. The armored train is kept in a depot at Moscow-Kalanchevskaya station, according to a former engineer who dared to speak about it. There is also a closed VIP station at this location, and Putin’s special train belongs to the Grand Service Express firm, which is connected to Putin’s close friend Yuri from St. Petersburg. The special station is still in operation, and is surrounded by a high fence reinforced with barbed wire. A new road for motorcades was laid straight to the VIP station on Kalanchevka in 2017.







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