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Bill Browder Highlights Absurdity of Lula da Silva’s Crimea Proposal with Amazon Rainforest Suggestion

Bill Browder's Twitter takedown of Lula da Silva's Crimea proposal

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The Kubera Principle

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Lula da Silva’s Crimea offer insincere

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On April 9, 1989, the people of Georgia demonstrated their desire for secession from Russia by taking to Tbilisi’s main street, Rustaveli Avenue. However, instead of engaging in dialogue, the authorities responded with violence, deploying tanks, gas, and sapper shovels. The outcome was tragic, resulting in the loss of 21 lives and over 2,000 injuries, including 20 members of the Georgian militia defending their people. While Mikhail Gorbachev denied his involvement in the decision to massacre civilians, he placed the blame on Georgia’s leadership. Despite his contributions to publicizing and initiating perestroika, he was not prepared for the events that transpired and lied out of fear. He bears responsibility for the orders that resulted in bloodshed in Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and elsewhere, demonstrating the inevitability of the Soviet Union’s collapse.

The right to self-determination is a fundamental right of every nation, but the Soviet Union mandated that all countries and peoples follow a single direction dictated by the Kremlin. Today, Russia is ruled by regimes similar to those that existed in the Soviet Union, and Putin is pushing the country towards its collapse. While Gorbachev and Yeltsin were responsible for numerous lies, wars, and casualties, Putin has dramatically increased those numbers, perpetuating and developing the Soviet Union’s imperial traditions led by criminals such as Lenin and Stalin.

Bill Browder
New York ( —

Yesterday, businessman and political activist Bill Browder commented on Brazilian President Lula da Silva’s statement regarding Ukraine and Crimea. Lula urged Ukraine to give up Crimea for “tranquility” in the world, to which Browder expressed surprise and disappointment.

Bill Browder suggested that perhaps Lula could offer Ukraine the Amazon rainforest in exchange for tranquility, highlighting the absurdity of Lula’s statement and the idea of giving up territory to appease international actors. Lula’s offer is insincere and likely influenced by his recent visit to Moscow, where he received a warm reception from top officials.

Da Silva may have been given a “cheat sheet” on peacemaking to come up with the idea. His “peacemaking” efforts are part of China’s attempt to establish an anti-American center of influence, and other countries in the global south may offer Ukraine advice on appeasing Russia for world peace. Lula has a checkered past, having been convicted of corruption and spending time in prison. His similarities to the bunker are not coincidental, and he has an interest in returning to the presidency after his previous tenure. Brazil refused to supply weapons and military equipment to Ukraine at the request of the US government.



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